Upcycling is a relatively new concept that is very popular in the DIY community. It began from a German writer in 1997, with the goal of preventing the waste of useful materials. Upcycling is the oppostite of downcycling, where materials are transformed into products of lesser quality. When DIYers upcycle they are able to convert materials into better products and still contain some of the same properties of the original item.

Due to the growth of online marketplaces, upcycling has shown a tremendous amount of growth throughout the United States. It has not only provided many people with hobbies, but also a stable income. Some waste removers even participate in upcycling competitions to see who can have the most creative redesign of a product.

Now it is likely you may need a little upcycling practice before you reach the competition level, however it is a good thing you are working with garbage. Budget Dumpster is here to deliver 11 ways you can upcycle your garbage!

1. Light Bulb Vases

Light bulbs are so wasteful and terrible for the environment if they end up reaching the landfill. Every light bulb has the opportunity to chance into a flower vase with little effort. These are especially great for smaller flowers. Do not be afraid to add your own flavor into these light bulb vases.

2. Altoids BBQ Grill

Now this upcycling project is only for the experienced DIY people, but is a great example of how creative they can get! In just 7 steps you will be able to take the tin your Altoids come in and make a fully functioning grill. This is perfect if you are ever stuck on a desert island or looking to impress the ladies at a tailgate. Take a closer look at the full instructions to see if you are up to the task.

3. Book Box

This is a DIY classic that was perfected in prisons. The old book box provides you with opportunity to hide your most precious items in plain site. If you pick a really boring book, it instantly doubles your chances of not getting your stuff stolen. It will just take a few moments to conceal your items forever.

4. Hat Lamp

The hat lamp is a funky way to spice up any room. It does take a little extra effort to ensure the light bulb does not burn the hat, but it is still very easy. The hat can change with the seasons or in correlation with a special event. Be the first of your friends to have the hat lamp.

5. Pop Bottle Broom

This also takes a little extra DIY ingenuity. Using just two 2 liter bottles of pop, you can make a broom that will clean your entire house. At first glance this project seems like a lot of show, but this broom is extremely effective. Click here for the full instructions.

6. Modem Mailbox

Both modems and mailboxes are going out of style, so why not combine them? Electronics should never end up in the landfill and this is a fun way to divert it. I mean let’s be honest they are both only good for junk mail anyway. Be the coolest upcycler on the block with this modem mailbox.

7. CD Rom Sandwich Holder

Another electronic product that deserves some upcycling is the CD holder and it takes no effort. Now you can more effectively transport you bagel sandwiches. It will keep it secure and fresh for when you decide to chow down.

8. Globe Bowl

Globes are a great way to add a touch of class to any room. If you do this project right, you can actually make two of these bowls. Using preferably a saw, you can make a globe into a bowl for your living or dining room. It is not only a great conversation piece, but will add some culture to your life.

9. Piano Bookshelf

The piano is an expert DIYers dream. No one wants to see a piano end up in the trash. Personally the piano makes a great bookshelf, but it can even transform into a fountain. Be creative, but also take your time when working with a piano because you usually only get one shot at it.

10. Old Tire Ottoman

Tires are another product that is plaguing landfills around the world. Some may think the tire is comfortable enough on its own, but I prefer adding significant level of cushioning. A great opportunity to turn any tire into a perfect match for a chair. You can even use two tires and make it the ideal height.

11. Chair Feeding Station

Use this DIY inspiration to save your old chair from the garbage. You pet will be forever thankful for not having to bend down and eat anymore! Food bowls in a room are an eye sore and are always a risk of being tripped over.