DIY: Upcycle kitchen items that you were going to get rid of anyways…

There are many items in the kitchen that you throw out when you are finished using it. After all, it’s just trash, right? What’s the point of keeping it around? Many of these items can be re-purposed or “upcycled” into something better and can be given a new life. Check out how you can re-use many of these common kitchen items.


Bread Bag Clips:

  • Cord Labels – Label bag ties and attach them to wires to easily identify which plug belongs to which appliance or electronic. Keep your cables organized and never unplug the wrong one again.
  • Party Favor Ties – With a little paint makeover, your unwanted bread bag clips can make a cute way to seal up party favor bags for holiday parties.
  • Tape Saver – Plastic bag ties are the perfect size to save a roll of masking tape. Don’t worry about trying to find the end of the roll, because it will always be ready at your fingertips.


Plastic Coffee Containers:

  • Snack Storage – Empty coffee creamer containers are the perfect size for storing small baking items or smacks, like chocolate chips or crackers. These are also great for keeping on-the-go snacks close by.
  • Cookie Gifting – Plastic coffee containers are incredibly easy to decorate and are a prefect size for filling with cookies. They seal tight to keep your cookies fresh!
  • Craft Organizer – Keep your loose craft items from getting all over the house and organize then with empty plastic coffee containers! Print out labels for an added decorative touch.


Juice Carton:


  • Bird House – Cut out a hold in the front and decorate it to your hearts desire. Attach a small wooden peg and hang it from a tree for the birds to nest in. This is a great craft for the kids.
  • Coin Pouch – This is another fun craft for the kids, requiring just some cutting and folding of an old juice or milk carton. (A template can be found here)
  • Holiday Gift Boxes – Cut off the top half of a milk or juice carton and leave the bottom. These can be made in different sizes and the decorating possibilities are endless!


Plastic Milk Jug:

  • Colored Pencil Organizer – Cut out a section from the bottom of a 1/2 gallon plastic milk jug to keep your colored pencils organized. This is perfect for classrooms or crafty people.
  • Watering Can – Take a nail and hammer and simply make a dozen small holes in the lid of the milk jug. Adjust the number of holes or the size of the holes to allow for the appropriate flow of water. Fill it up and give your thirsty plants a drink!
  • Halloween Jack-O-Lantern – Take off the labels of an empty milk jug and draw on a cute face with a permanent market. Cut a hole in the back of the milk jug and string some holiday lights for a festive Halloween decoration.


Aluminum Soup Cans:

  • Flower Pots – Empty soup cans just need a little paint job and decorations to be turned into a beautiful home for small springtime flowers.
  • Supply Organizers – Wrap empty soup cans with paper designs or ribbon to spice them up. Keep your desk or craft area clean with these simple and crafty organizers.
  • Lanterns/Luminaries – Give empty cans a paint job and drill holes into the side to create festive summertime lighting.


Old Silverware:

  • Key Hooks – Bend the bottom half of silverware and attach the top half to a colorful picture frame or block of wood to make for a rustic key holder.
  • Kitchen Artwork – Put silverware into a picture frame for a quick and easy artwork piece to liven up your kitchen space.
  • Drawer Handles – Attach your silverware to your kitchen drawers for a rustic and creative hardware look.


2 Liter Bottles:

  • Water Sprinkler – Poke holes with a nail along the size of an empty 2 liter bottle. Attach it to a hose and use it to water the lawn or as a way to cool off during those hot summer days.
  • Planters –  Poke holes into the lid of a 2 liter bottle to allow for water drainage. Then, cut it across the middle and flip over the top half to fit nicely into the bottom. The top half makes a perfect home to plant some seeds and watch plants grow!
  • Arts and Crafts – Use the bottom of a 2 liter bottle for painting projects. Dip the bottom of the bottle into paint and use it as a stamp to create a perfect design for flowers on artwork.