Got clutter? These 5 organization ideas are fast enough to start today and simple enough to still be using tomorrow.

You don’t always need to make major lifestyle changes or put in hours of effort in order to achieve a cleaner, less cluttered home. Sometimes, all you need are a few clever home organization ideas you can put into practice with minimal effort. We’ve rounded up five simple ideas you can use to get organized today and stay organized for the long haul.

Organization Idea #1: Contain Entryway Clutter

Let’s be real: your family never actually lines their shoes up neatly on that mat you put in your entryway. To get even real-er: they’re never going to. Their shoes are always going to end up in an unsightly pile for visitors to trip over.

Shoes piled near the door.

Image: Tackaberry Heating

To get organized:

Call their bluff and place a pretty basket or bin in your entryway for them to pile their shoes in. This home organization idea is easy enough for people to actually stick with and will likely take up less space than your mat.

Get organized with a basket for shoes.

Image: Sunny Day Family

Organization Idea #2: Free Up Kitchen Drawer Space

Most of us don’t have as much kitchen storage as we need, so every little bit of extra space counts. This is especially true of our drawers, where we’re typically trying to cram a plethora of awkwardly-shaped utensils into packed drawer dividers.

A messy kitchen drawer.

Image: Unique Spaces Organizing

To get organized:

Store cooking utensils like mixing spoons, spatulas, ladles, measuring cups and tongs in containers on your counter. Instead of ending up a jumbled mess in a drawer, they’ll be right at your fingertips as you cook. Plus, this home organization idea will free up drawer space for things that don’t look so pretty in plain view.

Get organized by storing utensils in containers.

Image: Off Your Plate

Organization Idea #3: Make Your Couch a Storage-Shield

One of the most common pieces of home organization advice is to get rid of items you don’t really use and designate a specific “home” for everything you’re keeping. But what about those seldom-used items like extra blankets and seasonal clothing that you do need to keep but can’t find a home for?

Clutter from blankets and seasonal clothing.

Image: Homes and Hues

To get organized:

Use the space behind your couch or other large furniture as sneaky storage space. A nice trunk placed behind your couch makes a perfect place to store extra blankets, pillows and/or clothing. You can also use a low dresser or shelving unit behind a couch to organize all kinds of necessary but seldom-used items.

Get organized with storage behind the couch.

Image: Wayfair

Organization Idea #4: Banish Bathroom Disorganization

If you have multiple family members or roommates sharing the same bathroom, then you probably have trouble recalling a time when every inch of space wasn’t taken up by everyone’s toiletries.

Cluttered bathroom vanity.

Image: Lindsay’s Lair

To get organized:

Hang baskets or other hanging organizers on a bathroom wall to act like a stationary version of your college shower tote. Each person gets a cubby or two to store their personal toiletries when they’re not in use. Once you’ve implemented this home organization idea, you can clear your vanity of everything but shared items.

Get organized with hanging storage in the bathroom.

Image: Pottery Barn

Organization Idea #5: Make Cleanup Too Easy to Skip

No matter how successful you’ve been at getting organized, if you have kids or pets you’re inevitably going to end up with toys scattered around the house at the end of the day. Giving those toys a home in one specific location is a nice idea, but it makes cleanup a whole lot harder—and a whole lot less likely to get done.

Toys scattered around a room.

Image: An English Mamma in Stockholm

To get organized:

Place a container for toys in every room of the house. Choose an out-of-the-way corner and match the container to the room’s décor to camouflage it as a decoration. With a toy box always in reach, you can easily keep your home organized throughout the day.

Get organized with a toy box in every room.


With these fast home organization ideas, you’ll be enjoying a less-cluttered space in no time. Want to take your clutter-free credentials to the next level? Check out our Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Decluttering Your Home for in-depth decluttering tips for every room in the house.