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5 Storage Ideas for Small Homes, Apartments and Spaces

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By:DJ Johnson| Last Updated:04/05/2024
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5 Simple Space-Saving Storage Ideas

Do you live in a small apartment or home? Are you looking for space-saving storage ideas that will maximize your living space? Check out our five space-saving storage ideas for small homes, apartments and all small spaces. Open up even the smallest space.

Make use of a couple of the ideas listed below and you’ll have plenty of room to entertain guests, knock out your morning yoga routine or slow dance to that new Ed Sheeran record.


5 Storage Ideas for Small Homes, Apartments and Spaces

1. Add Shelves Above Doors

Adding shelving throughout your home or apartment may seem like an obvious storage idea, yet knowing where to add them isn’t so obvious. First, look above your doors. Often there’s a few feet of space to work with and these are areas that are commonly bare. And even if your apartment is a few hundred square feet, it likely has at least two or three doors that can become homes for storage.

Shoes on Shelves Above Closet Door

How to Use Shelves Above Doors

  • In Your Kitchen: Display glassware and china that reflect your personal style.
  • In Your Living Room: Show off books or seasonal items like pumpkins or Christmas decorations.
  • In Your Bedroom: Place baskets on top of the shelves to hold junk-drawer type of items.
  • In Your Bathroom: Stock additional towels, toiletries and all kind of surplus bathroom supplies.
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2. Add Shelves and Hooks Behind Doors

Thinking beyond the conventional uses of a door, it can become a space-saving storage center. With the average height of a door being 6 feet 8 inches, it provides the opportunity to hang all kinds of items throughout your home. This could include closets, the kitchen pantry, bathrooms and more.

How to Use Shelves and Hooks Behind Doors

  • In Your Kitchen: Pantry doors present a big opportunity to store food packages and plastic bags.
  • In Your Bedroom: Hang clothes for easy access and to create additional space in your closet.
  • In Your Bathroom: Hang towels to dry or add metal baskets to store bathroom supplies.

3. Store Items Above Cabinets

Assuming your cabinets don’t run along the ceiling, any unused space above them is a missed space-saving storage opportunity. Often kitchen and bathroom cabinets have a few feet of space above them, which create a natural shelf to house items. While this space can be functional for many small apartments and homes, it also allows you to design each room according to your specific tastes.

Coffee Bean Jar on Top of Cabinet

How to Use Shelves and Hooks Behind Doors

  • In Your Kitchen: Prop up plates or add decorative signs to round out your kitchen.
  • In Your Bathroom: Stack towels on top of cabinets or add baskets for infrequently used items.

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Dishes on Open Shelves in Kitchen

4. Create Display Areas

Many household items don’t have to be stored behind cabinet doors and closets, thus storage shouldn’t be thought of as a way to hide items. Open shelving, old wooden crates, hanging racks and a long list of other storage methods can double as display areas. Show off your child’s artwork, your book collection or your glassware. Don’t let them collect dust in the back of some cabinet.

How to Make Use of Display Areas

  • In Your Kitchen: Use any flat surface to display artwork or stock small kitchen appliances.
  • In Your Living Room: Store items that reflect your hobbies and personal interests.
  • In Your Bedroom: Display a collection of pictures or objects that show off your creative side.
  • In Your Bathroom: Add personal memories, greenery or create an appealing bathroom display.

5. Make Use of Every Wall

Walls present the biggest space-saving storage opportunity even in the smallest apartments and homes. After all, you have at least four of them. Installing cabinets or shelves can maximize your space in hallways or just about any room. Storing items in this vertical fashion will free up the floors and make your space appear bigger.

Bookshelf on Wall With Plants and Hanging Artwork

How to Make Use of Walls

  • In Your Kitchen: Hang often-used pots and pans above the stove or sink for easy access.
  • In Your Living Room: Install shelving units to stack books and personal memories.
  • In Your Bedroom: Use the space above your bed to store out-of-season clothing items or shoes.
  • In Your Bathroom: Add hanging baskets to house toiletries and medical supplies.

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