Indiana University had conducted an e-waste collection program that has kept over 500,00lbs of electronic waste from hitting the landfills. Their e-waste collection was held on two different days in May. May 10th was for collecting e-waste from schools, businesses and other organizations, while May 11th was used for collecting e-waste from the general public.

During the two day time span, IU collected a total of 521,003lbs of e-waste in all. IU in Bloomington collected 94,258lbs from the public and 46,812lbs from institutions. IU South Bend collected 113,332lbs from the public and 266,601lbs from institutions. Over the past five years, IU has collected 2.78 million pounds of e-waste at their collection events. This year’s collection of e-waste was greater than most years’ due to the collection of e-waste that was gathered from warehouse of Bridges to Digital Excellence which was an electronic recycling center until it closed earlier in the year.

This year will be the last year for IU Bloomington to participate in the E-Waste Collection Days. The City of Bloomington has offered various locations to continuously collect e-waste materials.

For years, IU has conducted E-Waste Collection Days and Apple Inc. has provided the recycling for them. This gives schools, businesses and the public the opportunity to practice proper waste disposal when it comes to their electronics and equipment, allowing them to have such waste recycled. The efforts of IU South Bend plan to continue even without the aid of IU Bloomington. They feel that their participation from Indiana’s residents is strong enough to last even with the e-waste collection sites that have been posted throughout the state.

The e-waste collection efforts continue throughout Indiana at several locations. IU South Bend will also continue their e-waste events in an effort to help keep the hazardous waste from going to landfills. As for Bloomington, they still have various locations open for collection even without the aid of IU Bloomington.

Via: IU News Room