Transforming your backyard into a place where your kids want to be is a great spring or summer project. Even if you just complete one of these kid friendly backyard transformations, your kids will no longer be able to tell you that their bored and have nothing to do. If you want to encourage your children to put down the remote and get outside, you should consider giving one of these kid friendly backyard projects a try.

1. Hop Scotch

You can make your own hop scotch course in your backyard with a few square pavers and some paint. This is an easy and cheap DIY backyard project for younger kids. If you want to encourage your kids to play outside, this is a great project just for that.

2. Chalkboard

Do your kids get a kick out of playing teacher or drawing? If so, wouldn’t they love to have their own chalkboard in their backyard? Writing and drawing on a chalkboard is great for just about anyone and it is also a great way for kids to practice their handwriting.

3. Clubhouse or Tree House

Building your kids a clubhouse or tree house is a great way to get them outside and into the fresh air. You can easily build a clubhouse with some sheets, blankets, and tent poles. If you want to build your kids a tree house, you can do that with some leftover wood, nails, and a hammer.

4. Rockwall

Rockwalls are a great addition to any playground. Replace the ladder of your playground with a rockwall for a fun and unique way for your kids to get to the top. You could also use a rockwall as a way for your kids to get into their tree house.

5. Pallet Chair

Making your own pallet chair is a great way to recycle old pallets into something new and exciting. Upcycling is always a fun topic to discuss and these chairs are the epitome of upcycling. I’ve seen pallet chairs that can be hung from trees and pallet chairs that can be used at a picnic table.

6. Garden

It’s never too early to teach your kids the wonders of gardening. They could help you grow herbs and spices for cooking or pretty flowers for centerpieces. Gardening is a great way to teach your kids patience and it is one of those skills they’ll be happy they learned later down the road.

7. Music Wall

Music walls can be built with a variety of recycled materials and items you may have just laying around the house. A music wall will let your kids express their creativity while enjoying the fresh air. If you have a musically inclined child, creating your own music wall is a great backyard project.

8. Tire Swing

A tire swing is a creative way to repurpose an old tire. Unfortunately, when tires are sent to landfills, they have a harmful effect on the environment and the best way to avoid this is to reuse them. The best part of this project is that your kids will love swinging on a tire swing that you made just for them.

Our kid friendly backyard transformation projects are meant for giving your kids a reason to get outside and play this summer. Do you have a kid friendly backyard project you want to try or have tried? Share your story with us in the comments below!