For over 20 years, South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces, or SEEDS, has taught children throughout Durham, North Carolina how to lead and work with others through its community garden.

This nonprofit uses its garden to develop the capacity of young people to respect life, the earth and each other. Its after school and weekend programs include hands-on gardening, cooking lessons and various creative activities.

Budget Dumpster recently had the opportunity to partner with SEEDS to clean up their learning center. A dumpster donation supported community members, parents, board members and the SEEDS staff in throwing out trash and unused materials in their garden and kitchen classrooms. The day went off without a hitch, allowing the group to start fresh and bring new ideas to the organization.

Jeff Howell SEEDS“Our whole-child educational programming incorporates growing, cooking and sharing food to help young people become resourceful and confident individuals with the capacity and commitment to be future leaders in their workplaces, their families and their communities.”

Jeff Howell | Executive Director, SEEDS

Howell and his team of garden educators work constantly to maintain and grow their garden, as it often hosts several dozen students at a time. Getting so many students involved in gardening helps the organization spread its core values, including teamwork, responsibility and environmental stewardship, to youth across Durham.

SEEDS Garden

A clean and healthy garden is home to various educational programs for SEEDS.

Through their gardening and cooking programs, their long-term goals are to shape Durham’s youth into:

  • Creative Problem Solvers – Individuals that can make lasting, positive changes in their lives no matter the circumstance.
  • Engaged Community Members – People that are able to understand and help out in the community they live in.
  • Adept Team Leaders – Empowered and confident individuals that can lead diverse groups of people.

Budget Dumpster is happy to partner with SEEDS and like-minded organizations that provide educational programs outside the traditional classroom. Their work continues to inspire young people in the Durham area and helps create future leaders in their communities.

Find Out More and Support SEEDS

Interested in getting involved with SEEDS? Consider volunteering or donating to one of their programs. If you work for a nonprofit or organization with a cleanup project in the works, visit our dumpster donation page to learn about requesting a free dumpster.

SEEDS Dumpster Donation