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Budget Dumpster Videos

At Budget Dumpster, we want to provide as many resources as we can to our customers. We’ve learned that videos are one of the best ways to do so. Below you will find how to’s and guides to assist in the dumpster rental process.

How a Dumpster Rental Works

Budget Dumpster makes the dumpster rental process simple and affordable. From delivery to pickup, find out how a dumpster rental works.

Video Transcript
Budget Dumpster makes renting a dumpster affordable and simple. We provide dumpster rental services for residential and commercial projects. This is how it works: On site, the truck raises the dumpster into the air and the dumpster rolls off the back. Make sure you have enough space for the delivery. Consider obstacles like power lines, tree branches or uneven ground. All dumpsters have a door on the end that can opened for easy loading. You can walk large items into the dumpster or wheelbarrow materials in. When you're ready for your dumpster to be picked up, make sure nothing is heaped up or hanging over the sides. All materials should be flush or water level with the top of the dumpster. The removal is easy and takes just a minute. Budget Dumpster offers the best rates and terms in town. We offer affordable, flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees, longer than normal rental periods, and an experienced staff with the best customer service in the industry. Budget Dumpster is a straightforward, quality and affordable dumpster rental service. Call us today and see why homeowners and contractors prefer to use Budget Dumpster.

Budget Dumpster Prices

Budget Dumpster understands how important it is to keep prices as low as possible for our customers. Find out how we can save you money on your next dumpster rental.

Video Transcript
You're online trying to find the best price on a dumpster rental and you land on BudgetDumpster.com. You might be wondering what makes us different from those other guys and how we keep our prices so low. When you rent from Budget Dumpster, there's no question marks. Just take a look at our upfront, flat rate pricing compared to our competition. Additional fees will push your total costs far beyond what Budget Dumpster can offer. Planning fuel efficient routes, matching every customer up with the right size dumpster, employing a knowledgeable and experienced staff and in general eliminating the overhead charges allows us to offer the absolute best price. We understand we're only one part of your renovation, contracting job or whatever it is you're tackling. The more money we can keep in your pocket, the better. And the more money you'll have to use on other resources. Then hopefully you'll call us the next time you need a dumpster. We consider that a win-win. Renting a dumpster can be easy and affordable. Simply call Budget Dumpster today!

How to Open a Dumpster Door

Opening a dumpster’s front-loading door allows you to easily fill your dumpster. Follow our step-by-step guide if you need to know how to open a dumpster door.

Video Transcript
Need to know how to open a dumpster door? Budget Dumpster has you covered. The first step is to grab ahold of the dumpster's safety latch or pin and if necessary, move it over and then up. It should end up looking something like this. You'll then want to remove the safety chain from its current position and place it on the ground out of the way. Finally, take one hand and grab the dumpster's door while the other lifts up on the lever. You'll notice the door will start to open. Gently lower the lever and then push the door open. That's all it takes. You can now begin to fill up your dumpster.

How to Prepare for a Dumpster Delivery

It’s essential your driveway or placement location is clear for a dumpster delivery. Get everything else you need to know to prepare for a dumpster delivery.

Video Transcript
Preparing for a dumpster delivery? Budget Dumpster has you covered. The most important step of preparation is to make sure the surrounding area is clear. That includes cars in a driveway, items in the street and wires or trees hanging too low for placement. If anything is the way, it could result in a failed delivery attempt. You can place cones or a similar item down to let the driver know where you’d like the dumpster to be placed. You can also provide sheets of plywood if you’d like to fully protect your driveway. It’s important to know, a dumpster truck backs into driveways and cannot go on neighbor’s properties without prior permission. That’s why it’s critical to clear not only the placement location but the surrounding area, as well. If you have further questions on preparation or need to rent a dumpster, call Budget Dumpster today!

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