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Dumpster Rental Pricing

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

The cost to rent a roll off dumpster is based on a number of factors that include the following:

  • Dumpster size
  • Type of debris
  • Weight of the debris
  • Rental period
  • Availability
  • Location

Our cheap dumpster rental pricing options vary upon the size of the roll off dumpster, increasing as the capacity of the dumpster rises. It is important to note the weight limit on your dumpster rental as well, since extra fees can be incurred if you exceed the weight limit associated with your flat rate. Capacity (volume) and weight are two different variables, you will need to think about both how much volume you will need for your debris as well as how much your debris may weigh when ordering a dumpster. Try out our dumpster weight calculator to get estimates on the weight of your debris.

How Do I Find a Cheap Dumpster Rental?

Just give us a call! Budget Dumpster has the cheapest roll off dumpster rentals in the waste removal industry. Our dumpster rental prices are typically $25 - $100 cheaper than other dumpster rental companies. We work with local dumpster haulers across the U.S. in order to provide the best terms and conditions at the lowest cost to our customers. Our simple flat rate pricing includes delivery, pick up and all the various taxes associated with waste disposal.

Flat Rate vs. Variable Rate Dumpster Rental Pricing

Because there are so many variables that determine dumpster rental costs, it leaves a lot of room for surprises when you get your bill. We choose to offer flat rate pricing, which leaves less room for unexpected dumpster rental fees. Variable rate dumpster rental pricing isn't necessarily more expensive, but it can be harder to predict what your final cost will be, which can really throw a wrench into planning and budgeting for your project or job.

Take a look at the sample invoices below. You'll notice that, while the prices in this case end up being about the same, the final cost to rent a dumpster on the variable rate invoice is significantly higher than the base rate (or teaser rate) of $150.00. Not only is everything included in our flat rate dumpster rental pricing, but you can throw away up to 3 tons of debris at that price. With variable pricing, you will be charged for that extra ton.

Our Fixed Rate Dumpster Rental Invoice

fixed rate dumpster rental pricing

Variable Rate Dumpster Rental Invoice

variable rate dumpster rental pricing

Ordering from Budget Dumpster won't leave you wondering, "How much will this dumpster really cost?" You'll be able to plan and set the budget for your home improvement project or, if you're a contractor, you will know what costs to build into your bid for a customer. If you want to know the cost of your dumpster rental up front, go with a dumpster rental company who uses flat rate pricing.

Special Pricing for Special Containers

Heavy debris such as concrete, roofing shingles, dirt and more, may require a special container or dumpster. These dumpsters often have special pricing and special terms and conditions. Every concrete dumpster or roofing dumpster has a specific weight limit and there are unique guidelines that will keep the dumpster within the weight restrictions. For example, a dumpster should not be filled more than half way with heavy material like concrete or asphalt. And most special containers do not allow you to mix the special debris with household waste or other types of debris.

We work hard to remove your waste at the lowest possible rate and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We believe that the best dumpster rental experiences start with affordable dumpster rental prices, so take advantage of our cheap dumpster rentals and dispose of your waste at a low, flat rate.

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