With these 6 space saving ideas you’ll finally be able to organize your bathroom and reclaim your counter space. Learn how to organize your bathroom with pull-out shelving, unique storage solutions, towel rods, shelves in high places and more bathroom organization tips.

Storage space is always hard to come by in the bathroom, which might explain why it’s the only room in the house that is in constant disarray. If you’re always finding damp towels on the floor, knocking things off of the countertop, or struggling to find that one moisturizer that really works, then these six space saver ideas for the bathroom might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Space Saver #1: A Shelf Over the Door

One ingenious space saving idea for the bathroom is to install a shelf above the bathroom door. There’s usually a good foot of space above the door frame that never gets used anyways, so why not use it for some storage? Use it to free up space on your existing shelves and cabinets by keeping extra toiletries and less commonly used items above the door.

Space Saver #2: Spice Racks for Makeup and the Essentials

Space Savers for Bathroom

Image: PaisleyMedic, WeddingBee Forums

Another clever DIY storage idea for small bathrooms is to use spice racks as small shelving units, perfect for makeup, conditioners, lotions and other essential beauty and health products. You can purchase a few spice racks for less than $5 from IKEA, or if you’re handy with a hammer you can build your own.

Bathroom Organizing Tip #1:


“As you place items, group them into their categories, and/or assign a specific place for each member of the household. For example, each person could have one drawer, one basket on the shelf, or one toteable caddy. If you’re grouping by category, you could use baskets, bins, or specific areas on your shelves for easy locating.”
Sara Pedersen | Owner of “Time to Organize” in Shoreview, MN

Space Saver #3: Multiple Towel Rods

You can never have enough towel rods, especially when you have a big family sharing a small bathroom. This space-saving idea will help keep those wet towels off the floor by providing multiple rods for hanging and storage.

The back of your bathroom door has plenty of space for additional towel rods. These can either be nailed directly to the door or added by using an over-the-door towel rack. You might also consider adding a second shower rod for towels and hanging organizers, after all those shower head organizers never live up to their full potential.

Bathroom Organizing Tip #2:

unnamed “Add hooks behind the door or on the wall so everyone has a place to hang towels. And while you’re at it, color code the towels and toothbrushes by family member so there’s no “ownership confusion.”


Sara Pedersen | Owner of “Time to Organize” in Shoreview, MN

Space Saver #4: The Lazy Susan

Space Saver Bathroom

Image: Amy Hadley, HeyNowWoahNow.com

A lazy Susan gives you easy access to a variety of spices and ingredients in the kitchen, so why not take that same concept and transplant it to the bathroom? You can place one of these makeup carousels on top of or in your bathroom’s vanity and stock it with makeup (duh) or any other toiletries that tend to get scattered across your countertop.

Bathroom Organizing Tip #3:

unnamed“Remember that counters are easier to clean and look best when uncluttered by oodles of bottles, tubes and boxes. Keep only a bottle of hand soap and lotion on the countertop, plus a decorative element like a plant or small vase of fresh flowers. And if you wish, add a small clock to keep you on time. This clear and lovely space will give you inspiration to keep the bathroom neat and tidy throughout the day!”

Sara Pedersen | Owner of “Time to Organize” in Shoreview, MN

Space Saver #5: Above-the-Toilet Shelving

Space Savers for Bathroom

Image: PaisleyMedic, WeddingBee Forums

This particular bathroom space saver might seem obvious, yet very few homeowners take advantage of it. You know that empty expanse of wall right above your toilet? You can easily add a cabinet, or at the very least a shelf, without taking up a lot of space. You can use the extra storage space for towels, lotions, extra bars of soap or to keep a little light reading tucked away for when you’re…bored.

Space Saver #6: Add Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-out shelves are a compact way to add even more shelving space to your bathroom. You can find standalone units like these that tuck away in a corner or add them to your existing cabinet or vanity as a pull-out drawer. In either case, you’ll save more space in your bathroom with minimal effort.

With these six bathroom space savers you’ll be able to keep your water closet neat and organized no matter how many knick-knacks and toiletries you have.