Here at Budget Dumpster we often rent dumpsters to people looking to remove carpeting from their home. If you are having new carpet installed or if you just want to see the beautiful hardwood floors that could be under your carpet, removing the old stuff yourself is most likely the best way to go. Check out our easy peasy three step process to carpet removal.

Preparing for Carpet Removal

Make sure you talk with the person who is installing your new carpet to see if they can remove your old carpet for free, before you take the time to do it yourself. You will also need to figure out where you can dispose of the old carpet before you start tearing it out. Depending on your location, you can get a cheap dumpster rental to toss the old carpet into.

Before tearing out your carpet you will want to remove any and all doors, including closet doors, that swing into the room. If the door swings into an adjoining room, it can stay in place. Next, you will need to remove all furniture from the room and completely clear everything off the floor. To protect yourself from the abrasive carpet backing and the extremely sharp tack strip, you will want to wear protective gloves and be very careful walking around the edge of the room.

Removing the Carpeting

Now comes the actual removal of the carpeting. Start in one corner of the room and grab the edge of the carpeting with pliers and pull up as hard as you can. Once the carpet comes up, you can take it in your hands and pull it up along the length of the wall. Pull the carpet back to about 3 feet in and fold, so you can easily cut it into manageable pieces with a sharp box cutter. It is much easier to cut from the back side of the carpet than from the front.

Keep pulling up and cutting the carpet until you get close to the edge of the other side of the room or until you come to the place where the carpet meets another section of flooring. This is where you will want to leave a little bit of carpeting attached if you are having someone install new carpeting. If you are not going to install new carpeting you can tear up the carpet all the way to the edge.

Removing the Tack Strips

The dangerous part of removing carpeting comes when you have to remove the tack strips. If you plan to put down new carpeting you will not need to do this but if you are not putting down carpeting, you will need to remove the tack strips. The tack strips can be very sharp, so it is important that you take your time and wear protective gloves. You will probably need to use a crow bar and hammer to get the tack strip off the ground.

While wearing protective shoes and gloves, you are going to want to sweep and clean your floor. This is also your best opportunity to clean any spills or any other type of mess that has been laying dormant for years. If you do have a wood floor under your carpeting, you may want to consider having it refinished professionally by a contractor or you could always do it yourself. Check out our related article: Hardwood Flooring Installation Tutorial.

Do you have any other tips for easy carpet removal? Leave us a comment!