Every year, International Coastal Cleanup Day brings together millions of volunteers all over the world to remove litter from coastlines, collecting everything from cigarette butts and plastic bottle caps to drinking straws and grocery bags. Even though Hurricane Irma impacted plans on the East Coast, volunteers held true to tradition by lending a helping hand to clean up their communities.

Budget Dumpster celebrates International Coastal Cleanup Day by supporting organizations and volunteer groups working to remove trash from our oceans. Beyond this day, we continually support community revitalization efforts nationwide. We’re also dedicated to responsible disposal and greener living.

Why Are Beach Cleanups Important?

  • Ocean pollution in the form of plastic and toxic chemicals can be harmful to humans by contaminating food supplies.
  • Animals can easily mistake litter for food, putting marine wildlife at risk of poisoning.
  • Participating in a beach cleanup brings you closer to your community and raises environmental awareness.
  • Maintaining clean, healthy beaches is vital for regions that depend on tourism.

Learn more about the five coastal cleanup organizations we supported in 2017.

Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful (KPBCB)’s 31st Year of Cleanups

Volunteers at KPBCB’s coastal cleanup use the Clean Swell app from the Ocean Conservancy to track and analyze the trash they collect across 26 beaches in the area. It allows them to compare the amount of debris picked up year over year, providing useful data to educate the community on the health of their local marine environment.

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake (FOGSL) Cleans Up Utah

Founded in 1994, FRIENDS works to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem. Working to clean up Great Salt Lake Marina State Park, volunteers filled garbage bags with trash and debris from the sensitive ecosystem surrounding Lee Creek. This year’s event collected a grand total of 1,854 pounds of trash from the shores of Great Salt Lake. Budget Dumpster is proud to have donated a dumpster rental to assist with the cleanup.

Friends of the Great Salt Lake Celebrate International Coastal Cleanup Day

Credit: Andrea Nelson/The Nature Conservancy

Keep Lee County Beautiful (KLCB) Tackles Florida Debris

In the last five years, more than 11,000 volunteers have come together for KLCB’s annual coastal cleanup event, collecting over 90,000 pounds of debris from Lee County waterways. On the western coast of Florida, Lee County encompasses Cape Coral and Fort Myers, two popular tourist destinations. By removing trash like Styrofoam, plastics and six-pack rings, the annual coastal cleanup ensures that the beach remains safe for both tourists and wildlife.

SeaGrant Sweeps Up South Carolina’s Coast

Since 1988, thousands of South Carolinians have come together for SeaGrant’s Beach Sweep/River Sweep. Volunteers collect debris statewide from beaches, rivers, lakes and swamps. In 2016, volunteers collected nearly 20,500 pounds of trash, consisting of 31,295 cigarette butts, 2,152 plastic bags and 8,282 plastic bottle caps.

Keep Martin Beautiful (KMB) Celebrates 21 Years of Cleanups

For the past 21 years, residents of Martin County have celebrated International Coastal Cleanup Day by working hands-on with KMB at their local beaches. Last year, nearly 2,000 volunteers took to the seas to remove over 8,000 pounds of marine debris. Located south of Port St. Lucie, Martin County includes Jensen Beach, Jupiter Island, Stuart and Palm City.

Keep Martin Beautiful Celebrates International Coastal Cleanup Day

Credit: Keep Martin Beautiful

Cleaning Beaches One Dumpster at a Time

Is your organization planning a cleanup in your community? Learn how you can request a dumpster for your event with our dumpster donation program.

Take a look at the Environmental Innovators section of our blog for other organizations making a positive impact on the environment. Feel free to leave a comment below if you are part of a similar organization that may be worth highlighting.