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Building and Decluttering With Rebuilding Together OKC

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By:Dana Shugrue| Last Updated:06/14/2023
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Partnering With Rebuilding Together OKC

On April 30, 2023, Budget Dumpster partnered with Rebuilding Together Oklahoma City (OKC) to declutter and renovate a community member’s home. We donated a 40 yard dumpster to support their ongoing project, which will continue through mid June.

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About Rebuilding Together OKC

For over 31 years, Rebuilding Together OKC has beautified homes and communities across the Oklahoma City area. The organization centers itself around three guiding principles: repairing homes, revitalizing communities and rebuilding lives.

With help from over 80,000 volunteers, the organization has repaired 3,500 homes, 40 nonprofit facilities and eight public buildings since 1991. At its core, Rebuilding Together OKC wants to make housing accessible for the greater Oklahoma City community. Rather than renovating a home for visual appeal, it makes homes safe, warm and dry for the people living in them.

That’s exactly what Rebuilding Together OKC set out to do by partnering with Budget Dumpster.

What Did Rebuilding Together OKC and Budget Dumpster Do?

Like many homeowners during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Braddick accumulated lots of clutter and household junk. He decided to clean house earlier this year, and Rebuilding Together OKC stepped up to help him. In addition to helping declutter his home, the nonprofit organization will renovate his master bathroom and utility room.

Rebuilding Together OKC Volunteers Renovating Building

To support this project, Budget Dumpster donated a 40 yard dumpster that was used to haul away lumber, construction materials, and household junk. With all that debris out of the way, renovations can really begin. Here’s what Rebuilding Together OKC had to say about our donation:

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“It’s amazing what a dumpster can do. It really lights a fire in homeowners and makes them want to get rid of things.”
Lauren Sullivan, executive director of Rebuilding Together OKC


The nonprofit also partnered with Boeing, an aircraft industry company, for this project. Boeing takes pride in its community involvement and works with Rebuilding Together OKC on a regular basis.

Dumpster Half-FIlled With Debris

While the project is ongoing, both organizations have already spent three full weekends at Braddick’s home. Each work day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m., making for over 48 hours of labor and lots of excess waste each weekend. Having a dumpster nearby simplified this decluttering and renovation project.

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“We serve over 200 people every year with home renovations, and donations like yours are beyond impactful.”
Lauren Sullivan, executive director of Rebuilding Together OKC


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