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Beautifying Southern Oklahoma With Rose Rock Habitat

Volunteers Cleaning Up With Rose Rock Habitat
By:Dana Shugrue| Last Updated:03/28/2024
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Putting Faith Into Action: Partnering With Rose Rock Habitat

On Sept. 23, 2023, Budget Dumpster partnered with Rose Rock Habitat for Humanity to beautify a neighborhood in Norman, Oklahoma. We donated a 10 yard dumpster to their Faith In Action event, which helped 30 volunteers clean up old fencing, yard waste and household junk.


About Rose Rock Habitat for Humanity

For 30 years, Rose Rock Habitat has built homes, communities and hope in South Central Oklahoma. They pride themselves on leading with C.A.R.E: character, attitude, respect and empowerment. By putting these four key principles into action, the nonprofit brings communities together through cleanups and restoration projects.

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“It’s important to get active in your community and make a difference. Our main goal is to tie faith and community together so we can make a real impact across the city.”
Elle Shroyer, Vice President of Donor and Community Engagement at Rose Rock Habitat


The Faith in Action Cleanup highlights the organization’s dedication to improving and restoring communities in Oklahoma City. With the help of four churches, Rose Rock Habitat beautified a neighborhood and helped homeowners make important repairs.

Volunteers Posing Before Cleanup

Start planning a cleanup in your community!

Coming Together for Southern Oklahoma

Rose Rock Habitat started planning this event after establishing their Faith Committee in April 2023. Oklahoma is part of the “Bible Belt” down South, and local churches were eager to start community service projects. Goodrich Memorial United Methodist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Trinity Presbyterian Church and McFarlin United Methodist Church were the catalysts behind this cleanup.

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“Beyond physical improvements, the event symbolizes unity and hope within the community, showcasing the collective impact that can be achieved when organizations and individuals come together with shared values and a commitment to enhancing their neighborhood's well-being.”
Brooke Stephens, Community Engagement Coordinator


With our dumpster nearby, volunteers repaired homes, mowed lawns and even completed a decluttering project without tripping over piles of debris. All they had to do was fill their dumpster as they cleaned up, never straying from their four-hour timeframe of 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Volunteers Cleaning Up Yard

How the Cleanup Went

Volunteers gathered at Goodrich Memorial UMC for a brief meet and greet before the cleanup started. Once they ate lunch provided by the church, each volunteer got their project assignments on a slip of paper. Then, they went to their respective sites, introduced themselves to the homeowner and got to work. Fifteen local homeowners benefitted from this project.

“We focused on a four-by-four block for this cleanup,” said Shroyer. “We finished all the projects we set out to complete, and even mowed a few extra lawns with the time we had left.”

By the time 4:30 p.m. came around, volunteers befriended each other and even started planning future events with Rose Rock Habitat. If you’re interested in getting involved with Habitat for Humanity, find your local chapter on Habitat.org.

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