Do you know what organization experts say you should declutter first? If you guessed your master bedroom then you are correct! It is your sanctuary and your home’s most personal space. If you have a cluttered bedroom it can make you wired and tired. So we’re here to share professional organization tips that can transform your bedroom from chaos to a calm oasis.

Mary Johanson is a professional organizer and the mother of four children. She blogs about organizing, decorating and more at Mary recently shared her expert advice on decluttering with us for our very thorough declutter guide, and offered to share some extra advice with us about organizing your master bedroom. Mary believes that the master bedroom is the most important room in the house to keep decluttered because it directly influences our quality of life daily. And we completely agree!

mary organizes declutter advice“We deserve a place to come to at the end of a long day that is a sanctuary, where we can truly relax. It is almost impossible to feel peaceful in a cluttered and chaotic environment. We also start our days in this room when we wake up.  Help yourself ease into the day surrounded by order and beauty. If you are married, this is the room where the marriage relationship is nurtured. If you have children, this is the room that is the example to your children of how a bedroom should be maintained. Don’t be one of those parents who tells your children to go clean their room when your room is a mess!”


Follow these 5 tips for a decluttered and organized bedroom

1. Organize Drawers in the Bedroom

This includes the night stand, desk, and dressers. To begin, take everything out of the drawers. Ask yourself these questions: Does it belong in the bedroom? Have I used it in the last year? If you answered “no” to either of those questions, put the items in a designated spot to get rid of.

Tip: Before you place items back into the drawers try adding dividers or small containers for better organization of items.

2. Use Less Furniture

Large pieces of furniture can dominate the bedroom. Consider getting rid of unnecessary furniture to create a clear space and a more soothing environment for sleep.

3. Declutter the Closet

The closet is the biggest clutter spot in your bedroom. Think about it. It’s full of clothes, bags, belts and shoes. Plus miscellaneous items because you didn’t know where else to put them. When you’re going through items ask yourself these questions: Does it fit? Is it damaged, stained, torn or faded? Has it been worn in the past year? This is the tough part. If you answered “no” to any of those questions we urge you to place those items in that designated spot to get rid of.


4. Look Under the Bed

When was the last time you looked under your bed? Do you know what’s there? This is the perfect spot to keep items unseen even though they probably don’t belong there. Keeping stuff under the bed makes for great organized storage. It’s okay to keep bedding and seasonal clothing, but get rid of the unnecessary junk!

5. Rethink Having a Home Office in the Bedroom

If have you a mini home office in your bedroom, you may want to consider moving it. Remember, your bedroom is your sanctuary. You shouldn’t have a constant reminder about work you’re not doing or those emails you need to respond to.


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