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The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover Guide

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By:Danielle Hanula| Last Updated:10/11/2023
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Main Bedroom Renovation Ideas

A bedroom remodel almost always has a positive return on investment, whether you’re planning to sell your home or just want to turn your room into a multipurpose retreat after a long day. Read on to find ideas for a DIY bedroom makeover that will transform your space into a comfortable hideaway.


Primary Bedroom Remodeling Costs

The cost of a bedroom renovation depends on what type of projects you’re going to tackle. If you are doing a full bedroom expansion to include an en suite bathroom and walk-in closet, the price will be higher.

  • Average cost of a small-scale bedroom remodel that includes fresh paint, new carpet, bedding and a closet organizer: $7,000
  • Average cost of a large-scale bedroom remodel that includes fresh paint, crown molding, new furniture, a custom closet and hardwood flooring: $21,000
  • Average cost of a full bedroom remodel that includes an en suite bathroom, walk-in closets, new windows, furniture, hardwood flooring and paint: $70,000
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Pro Tip
Once your budget is set, make sure to leave a 15-20% cushion for any unexpected expenses, especially if you’re working in an older home.

9 Bedroom Renovation Ideas to Create the Suite of Your Dreams

1. Add a Bathroom

If you have the proper space available to add a bathroom to your home, a great way to increase comfort and value to your primary bedroom is by having an en suite. Experts say that adding a main bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean adding square footage. Space can be taken from another bedroom or the hallway.

Shoes on Shelves of Organized Walk-In Closet

2. Make Space for a Walk-In Closet

Along the same lines of adding a bathroom in your bedroom remodel, building a walk-in closet can improve the functionality of your room while increasing the overall value of your home. A larger closet can also help you stay organized by adding storage options, which will keep the main area of your room clear of clothing and shoes.

3. Brighten and Lighten Up the Room

Gone are the days of the boring ceiling fan. Chandeliers are no longer just for the entryway of your home. They make a great bedroom ceiling light, particularly when centered above your bed. Save space on your nightstands by installing dimming sconces or pendant lights.

Painting your walls can also make a big difference in your room for a low cost. Your main bedroom should reflect your personal style and the overall mood you want to achieve, so choose a color scheme accordingly.

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“Color is recognized as a definite mood developer and trigger for a wide range of emotion that influence our selections. In general, warm colors bring comfort and a sense of ease. Dark, intensely saturated colors embrace a greater sense of belonging. Soft ethereal colors offer a more soothing, quiet presence which provide a more subtle backdrop.

I would recommend warmer mid-range colors specifically in the ever-popular blue green family. Restful, soothing and an aid in calming the mind at the end of the day. Colors like Haddon Hall or Bel Canto from the C2 Color Collection are most popular.”
Philippa Radon, Philippa Radon Design


4. Install New Flooring

New flooring is a great way to make a noticeable difference in your room. If you are remodeling your bedroom on a budget, bamboo flooring is an economical and environmentally-sustainable option. If your bedroom is already equipped with hardwood under carpet, you can simply refinish it to give it a fresh look. From oak to laminate, there are many flooring options to consider for your lifestyle and price range.

5. Replace Old or Mismatched Furniture

Objectively look at your room furnishings and ask yourself if they suit your current needs. How old is your bed? Is it a comfortable size for you? Does the layout work? Is anything broken? Once you answer these questions, you can figure out what items to splurge on and where to save. For example, investing in a quality mattress will be more beneficial than expensive night stands.

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“A headboard can transform your bedroom instantly! Our crown headboard works with any bed frame and really helps bring a room to life. We like to say ‘Grow up and buy a headboard!’”
Coley Hull, Coley Home


6. Upgrade Your Bedding

Give your bedroom hotel vibes by splurging on crisp white sheets and a cozy down comforter, quilt or duvet. Since your bed is often the focal point of the bedroom, you can keep it simple with classic white bedding, but add some pattern and color with an extra blanket or complementary throw pillows.

Cozy Corner Reading Nook With Gray Chair and Yellow Throw Blanket

7. Add Extra Seating and Storage

This can be as simple as adding a bench that opens for additional storage at the foot of your bed or, if you have the space, a small reading nook complete with an accent chair or chaise, storage ottoman and a bookshelf. Making sure everything has a home and adding more functionality throughout your bedroom can transform it from just a space where you sleep to a private place where you actually want to spend your down time.

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Pro Tip
There’s no time like a remodel to reorganize your bedroom and get rid of old clothes, shoes and other junk you’ve accumulated over the years. According to our decluttering survey, respondents said their bedroom is their most cluttered room in the house. Since untidiness can take a toll on your stress level and mental health, keeping your room organized can really help your bedroom reach the level of luxury and relaxation you’re aiming for.

Not sure where to start when it comes to organizing your bedroom?
Check out our Bedroom Decluttering Guide!

8. Choose Window Treatments

Curtains are the top choice for window treatments in the bedroom. Consider what type of person you are before deciding on your new window coverings. If you are not a morning person and prefer to sleep in a very dark environment, retractable blackout shades may be for you. If you enjoy a bright, sunny morning, lighter curtains will do the trick.

9. Enhance Décor

The final step in your DIY bedroom makeover is to add some character. Showcase your happiest memories by hanging a few of your favorite framed photos on the wall. Choose a throw rug to add a splash of color and additional comfort. A mirror and other accents like potted plants or smaller decorative pieces can round out your primary bedroom remodel.

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“I always recommend you make your bedroom as beautiful and comfortable as possible. It is a very important space that needs to be relaxing and at the same time make you happy. For a lot of people who live with others, this is the only room that is truly yours to design!”
Coley Hull, Coley Home


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