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11 Space-Saving Ideas and Storage Solutions for Your Small Bathroom

Small Blue Bathroom With Limited Storage
By:Meghan Paynter| Last Updated:03/15/2024
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11 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

Is your master bathroom not living up to its name? If the footprint of your bathroom is small, it may leave you scrambling for space or with little-to-no storage. Don’t let it drive you crazy. Instead, make some small changes that will make the most of your space and add small bathroom storage that doesn’t take up room.


How Can I Improve My Small Bathroom?

The biggest problem with most small bathrooms is the inability to store necessary items such as towels and toiletries. The best way to improve a small bathroom is to add storage solutions that require little space or repurpose existing space that is going unused.

Whether you're just changing a few things or doing a complete DIY bathroom remodel, use the following tips for small bathrooms to conserve space and add storage.

Small Bathroom With Walk-in Shower to Conserve Shower

6 Small Bathroom Remodels to Conserve Space

Making everything fit in a small room can be a challenge. Give yourself more space by making design choices that account for the limited square footage. Consider these space saving bathroom ideas when you remodel:

1. Install a Corner Sink

Occupy space that isn’t being used and open more room for walking space by swapping out your traditional vanity for one that fits in a corner.

2. Swap Out Your Bathtub for a Shower

Removing a full bathtub will free up space in your bathroom. You can opt for a corner shower or go curbless and make your shower a seamless part of the room.

3. Extend Counter Over the Toilet

If your sink and vanity are next to your toilet, add counter space by extending the counter over the back of the toilet. This will provide you with extra space for everyday use, but be sure to leave a gap that is large enough to lift away the lid of the toilet tank when needed.

4. Install Shelves Between Studs

Instead of installing cabinetry that takes up space, use existing space in your wall to install recessed shelves, also called a wall niche. Cut a cavity into the drywall, build a shelving unit to fit the space, install shelving, and then repair the wall.

5. Get Rid of Swinging Shower Door

If you already have a shower and it features a swinging door, save space by switching it out for sliding doors or a shower curtain. You can even opt for a curved shower rod to save even more space.

6. Choose a Pocket Door

Swap out your traditional bathroom door for a pocket, sliding door to eliminate the extra space needed to allow a door to swing into the room.

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White Vanity Adds Storage to Small Bathroom

5 Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Wondering how to add storage to a small bathroom without wasting unnecessary space? When a full remodel isn’t possible, use these space saving storage solutions to solve your problem:

1. Choose a Vanity With Storage

While a floating or pedestal sink might physically take up less space, a vanity with drawers or a cupboard will add storage to your bathroom. If swinging doors take up too much space, opt for open shelving under the sink.

2. Swap Out Your Mirror for a Medicine Cabinet

Choose a mirror that acts as a swinging door with shelves behind it. This is a great small bathroom solution because you can store soap, lotion, medicine and other daily use items within the cabinet without occupying floor space.

3. Install a Shelf Over the Door

Turn unused space high on your wall into a storage area for guest towels, decorations and other items that aren’t used daily.

4. Hang Towel Racks on the Back of the Door

Instead of occupying valuable wall space, use the back of the door for towel racks or hooks, assuming you don’t have a pocket door. For additional space, hang two or three towel racks vertically instead of just one.

5. Use the Space Over the Toilet

Add small bathroom storage by purchasing a shelving unit that fits over the toilet. Other options for over-the-toilet storage include floating shelves or additional cabinetry.

Wondering Where to Put Towels in a Small Bathroom?

Choosing where to store towels in a small bathroom can be tricky. If you’re planning on adding new storage, you can store towels by:

  • Adding hooks.
  • Hanging new shelving units.
  • Adding towels racks.
  • Using over-door shelves.
  • Utilizing cabinets or shelves above your toilet.

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