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Our budget friendly greener living projects can help you with everything from home improvements to recycling crafts and upcycled creations. Read more.


November 10, 20140

DIY: Upcycled Tire Ottoman

Old tires can be difficult to get rid of. They aren’t accepted in landfills and it isn’t easy to find a place to...


Do you need some help deciding what to do with all of your old t-shirts? Here are 8 DIY projects dedicated to reusing...

pill bottles cover

There are many household items that we inevitably collect as we consume more and more of them. Perhaps one of the most popular ones...


November 10, 20140

8 Great DIY Pumpkin Projects

Halloween may have come and passed, but pumpkin season is far from over. Check out the most creative and crazy jack o lanterns...

st. petersburg

St. Petersburg – The first time you look at Spa Beach you may not see the need for a deep cleaning but once...

Reusable bags

November 3, 20140

DIY: Reusable Sandwich Bags

Disposable sandwich and snack bags are a very handy item to have but they are also extremely wasteful. In this DIY project you...