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Our budget friendly greener living projects can help you with everything from home improvements to recycling crafts and upcycled creations. Read more.

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September 30, 20140

24 Tips for Traveling Green

Studies have shown that the benefit from taking a vacation is all in planning the trip. Just imagine the fun you will have...


Gardening is associated with many benefits for people and the environment. It is an activity that not only reduces stress but also can...


September 29, 20140

DIY: Gardening in Small Spaces

Are you one of the many people who love to garden but don’t have the space to do so? If so, you got...


September 29, 20140

DIY: Paper Bag Wreath

Don’t throw out your unused paper bags. As the seasons change, it’s important to stay eco-friendly as you decorate your home for the...


September 29, 20140

DIY: Braided T-shirt Rag Rug

If you are an avid reader of our blog then you have read our DIY post on upcycling your t-shirts into napkins. So...


September 29, 20140

DIY Upcycling Your Garbage

Upcycling is a relatively new concept that is very popular in the DIY community. It began from a German writer in 1997, with the...