Many people would agree that when leaves on the trees begin to change color, it is the most beautiful time of the year. Often that beauty to turns into a burden as these leaves and many other pesky parts begin to fill your yard. Here are 10 amazing tips for handling your leaves this autumn season.

  1. Understand Your Local Laws: Every city and community differs when it comes to disposing leaves. It is very important to become familiar with your local regulations, which will save you both time and any potential aggravations. Also, this may allow you to manipulate the current policies to your advantage.
  2. Never Burn Leaves: Not only is this illegal in most states, it can be very harmful to environment. It will also be damaging to your health if the smoke is ingested.
  3. Do Not Put Leaves in the Street: This is a common practice for homeowners to avoid damaging their tree lawn. However the leaves inevitably end up in road drains, which end up in waterways. Leaves then consume oxygen that fish need to survive and results in many fish casualties. And lets be honest, who doesn’t like driving through a big pile of leaves.
  4. Don’t Let Children Play in Leaves: This is especially the case if the leaves are near the street. Countless avoidable deaths happen every year because a driver decides to plow through a leaf pile.
  5. Raking Isn’t Always Necessary: If you have some problematic patches of grass on your lawn, it may be more beneficial to “leave” it covered with leaves. Decomposing leaves act as a great nutrient that will bring that unsightly spot back to life.
  6. Free Mulch: Not only will it help your grass grow but also can be used to help flowerbeds. Around 70% of a leaf is plant extract, which makes it an affordable and effective resource to aid your garden.
  7. Compostable: Leaves can easily be added to your compost pile or an awesome start to one. Composts one of the best solutions to help combat waste and may help in the time between citywide pick-ups.
  8. Keep Off Hard Surfaces: Leaves incredible decomposing properties can be a problem if in the wrong place. Be swift to remove leaves off your house, car and driveway to dodge any permanent damage.
  9. Arts and Crafts: Go back to your childhood days, where leaves were used to create many beautiful pieces of art. It’s never too late to get crafty.
  10. Rent a Dumpster: Rent a roll off dumpster from Budget Dumpster for you and all of your neighbors. Not only will you be the talk of the town but we will also handle the entire disposal for you.