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Dumpsters for Yard Waste Removal

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A Convenient Yard Debris Removal Option

At Budget Dumpster, we make it simple to remove yard debris from your home or client’s property. Ordering a yard waste dumpster is as easy as making a quick call, delivery is quick and as soon as you tell us your dumpster is full, we’ll be back to haul it away.

  • Range of Sizes: Find the right size container for your landscaping project.
  • Versatility: Use us for landscape debris removal, garden waste removal and more.
  • Affordability: Our rates are low and flat, helping you to stay in budget.

Use Our Yard Waste Dumpster Rentals for Any Size Landscaping Project

Disposing of landscaping debris and garden waste can be difficult depending on your location and the season. But with our yard debris removal services, you can take care of every bush and branch regardless of the weather. You can call us anytime to rent a yard waste dumpster, especially if you are working on any of the following projects:

  • Lawn debris removal and cleanup.
  • Large-scale residential landscaping.
  • Commercial landscaping.
  • General yard maintenance.
  • Seasonal landscaping and maintenance.
  • Storm debris removal and cleanup. 
  • Brush, branch or tree removal.

What Can Go in a Yard Waste Dumpster?

Our yard waste dumpsters can handle all common types of yard debris that might crop up during routine yard maintenance, or while removing landscape debris, including the following:

  • Shrubs: Can be whole or chipped.
  • Grass Leaves: Can be bagged or loose.
  • Small Branches: Can be whole, trimmed or chipped.
  • Small Logs: Please note we cannot accept logs greater than 4 inches in diameter.
  • Stumps: May not be accepted in some areas - please call for more information.
  • Dirt: We accept uncontaminated dirt only; some areas may require separate disposal.

While we accept yard debris in many of our service areas, it is always a good idea to call first to make sure you can use our dumpsters for yard debris removal. Our team can confirm this for you in just a few seconds, and set you up with a dumpster in no time at all.

How Our Yard Waste Dumpster Rentals Work

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