Do you feel like taking on a big-time DIY project? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve provided trash to treasure projects for items you may have lying around your house or can purchase cheaply. Get your hands and tools ready to take on a unique project and turn your trash to treasure today with one (or a couple) of these 10 DIY upcycling ideas.

10 Trash to Treasure Projects


Pallet Table

Pallets are often the centerpiece of ambitious DIY projects, and for good reason. Leftover pallets from warehouses and businesses are often cheap (if not free) and can be used for tables, hanging gardens and bed frames. And that’s just the beginning. Following one of the many step-by-step guides on YouTube make it relatively easy to build your own pallet table.


Image: Judi Cox


Ladder Bookshelf

Old ladders tend to rot away in garages. While you could throw it away, you could also turn it into an eye-catching bookshelf. If you’re seeking a rustic look, this project is for you. The bend in the ladder can also work around corners, giving you flexibility when deciding where to hang it.


Bathtub Couch

While it may not be for everybody, it doesn’t get much more unique than a bathtub couch. Take a bathtub from trash to treasure by purchasing one on Craigslist, eBay or a variety of other sources. Complete this upcycling project by cutting out a portion of the walls and refinishing the exterior. Reference this simple, but thorough, bathtub couch tutorial.


Image: Rebrn


Bicycle Garden

Bikes often get passed down through generations. But over time, they rust, break or succumb to general wear and tear. When a bike gets passed it ride-ability point, it has the potential to be used in other ways. A simple solution is to feature it in a garden. The right bike can accent your garden and give it a distinct look.


Skateboard Chair

Garages, basements and attics commonly become a host for childhood remnants. While many of those items will likely have seen better days, old skateboards can be upcycled in many different ways. Our favorite of the bunch is to use them as the backing (and possibly the seat) of a chair.


Image: CustomMade


Dresser Drawer Shelf

Dressers have potential to be upcycled in a variety of ways. The easiest is to remove the drawers and use them as hanging shelves. This trash to treasure project can spice up a living room or bathroom in an affordable fashion. If used throughout your home, dresser drawer shelves can add consistency to any interior design.


Suitcase Side Table

Upcycling old suitcases has become a popular project in recent years. Their aesthetics and versatility make it easy to use suitcases in a variety of settings. One of our favorite ways is the suitcase side table. Take a look at some other suitcase upcycling ideas for further trash to treasure motivation.


Door Picture Frame

Maybe all of the picture frames in your home are a dime a dozen. Mix it up with a door picture frame. Aged and even simple doors can become the host of family pictures and end up being the center artpiece of a living room.


Bed Frame Planter

If you’re thinking about throwing out a less than perfect bed frame, think again. Experienced DIYers can transform the wood into just about anything. A bed frame planter is a good idea if you have time on your hands and can commit to a lengthier project.


Spool Center Table

A simple search and scroll through Pinterest will turn up thousands of wooden spool upcycling ideas. Many of which are easy to complete and can provide real value to a home. We like the idea of sanding and refinishing a larger spool and transforming it into a table for your deck or patio.

From Trash to Treasure Ideas to Home Improvement

Not done DIYing? Check out our DIY Home Improvement Guide and upgrade (just about) every area of your home. Let us know about your successful DIY projects and give us a call if a roll off dumpster can assist in your project.