Five Crafty Ways to Upcycle Your Mattress

Like Goldilocks, you sprawled across every last bed in the store until you found the one that’s just right. Out with the old, in with the new. And in the blink of an eye, you’ll say sayonara to the mattress that’s had your back through many nights. But, that doesn’t mean you need to send it to the landfill. If you’re looking for ways to repurpose the materials before disposing of a mattress, we’ve collected five creative uses for old mattresses and bed spring crafts for you to try.

Before you spring into action, here’s how to tear apart your mattress to get down to all the reusable pieces and parts.

Bed Spring Crafts and Other Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Mattress

1. Bed Spring Wine Rack Craft

Blend repurposed wood with old bed springs to create a handmade wine bottle rack. Mount the piece in your kitchen or dining room for a charming conversation starter at your next wine and cheese party.

Bed Spring Wine Rack

Image via: AlonzoArtistry

2. Bed Spring Bird Nest Craft

Who knew a bed spring could be so cozy? Invite a family of little nesters to your backyard with a few repurposed bed springs and Audubon-approved nesting material. Hang it from a tree and listen for chirps of appreciation.

Bed Spring Bird Nest

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3. Repurposed Crib Frame Memo Board

Wondering what to do with your old crib mattress spring? Never miss a beat with a crib frame memo board above your desk. Conveniently clip notes, reminders, photos and coupons all in one place to stay on track. Bonus points if you use old cheese graters as pencil holders.

Memo Board Created From a Crib Mattress Frame

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4. Bed Spring Trellis

Don’t pay big bucks on a trellis for your garden. After your kids outgrow the crib, reuse the innersprings to teach your children how to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Keep the old mattress springs supported with wooden stakes. Voila – the ultimate shabby-chic garden accessory.

Mattress Coil Trellis

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5. From Crib to Craft Board

Wondering what to do with an old box spring? Hold on to your baby’s crib for the craft room. With just a can of spray paint, you can keep the childhood memories alive in your scrapbooking station. Hang cups and buckets to hold scissors, paints, glitter and more. Brighten up your workspace with a jazzy color to get the creative juices flowing.

Crib Frame Repurposed as a Craft Board

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What Else Can You Do With Your Old Mattress?

Compost Your Mattress

It might sound crazy, but you can use the wood frame and the stuffing of the mattress to start a compost pile in your backyard. You can even repurpose the wood slats of the frame to build the compost bin.

Recycle Your Mattress

The wood, metal springs, foam and cotton inside the mattress are all recyclable materials. Use Earth911’s PlushBeds’ recycling guide to find a mattress recycling location in your area.

Throw Away Your Mattress

Learn how to dispose of your mattress with our comprehensive guide.

Take a look at the Green Living section of our blog for more tips on living sustainably and making a positive impact on your environment. Have some more bed spring craft ideas? Share them in the comments below!