With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to update your backyard. These 21 backyard projects will keep your kids from saying they’re bored and your friends from never leaving. If you want to make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood, be sure to check out these 21 backyard projects.

  1. The Ultimate Sprinkler 

For this summer project, you’ll need 4 PVC pipes, 4 PVC elbow joints, 1 PVC 1-joint, 1 PVC hose to pipe connector, and some PVC cement. Connect the 4 PVC pipes together in a square with the elbow joints and drill holes into the pipes to allow for the water to burst through. Use PVC cement to glue to the t-joint to the pipes and then use the cement to connect the hose connector to the t-joint. Now, add your house and let the fun begin.

  1. Cooler Tables

These tables are perfect for any type of summer party you plan to have. You can buy them on Amazon or make some on your own. When you have a cooler and a table all-in-one, what more could you ask for?

  1. Pool Ping Pong

If you want to do more in the pool than just swim, why not play ping pong? You can buy a pool ping pong table from Brookstone or Amazon and it will pay for itself in amusement when you have people over for parties this summer.

  1. Swingset Firepit

While I can see the possible danger in this swingset, I can also see how fun it be would be on summer nights. If you can picture yourself swinging around a fire with a few friends, this project may be perfect for you. This is definitely something you will have to make for yourself because I can’t see anyone actually selling this.

  1. Adult Kiddie Pool

Why should kids get all the fun of a kiddie pool? Make one for yourself with an over inflated boat or raft and a little bit of water. This is a great project for the person who wants to stay cool when they don’t have a pool.

  1. Sunken Trampoline

A sunken trampoline gives you all the fun of jumping on a trampoline without the danger of falling off. If you have little kids and want a safer version of a trampoline, then dig a hole and stick your trampoline inside.

  1. A Zipline

If you’re looking for a fun and fast way to get from one side of your backyard to the other, then why not install a zipline? You can buy a zipline kit that can handle up to 200 pounds. All you need to hang the zipline is a large tree and a sturdy pole or post.

  1. Backyard Stream

Building a stream in your backyard is a great way to create a sense of zen. Running water can help to ease your mind and it can have a calming effect on everyone nearby.

  1. Beanbag Hammock

Have you ever thought what could be better than a hammock? Well, now you know it’s a beanbag hammock. Cuddle up in your beanbag hammock and watch the sunset on one of those perfect summer nights.

  1. Beanbag Pool Floats

If you thought we were done talking about beanbags, then you’d be wrong because beanbags are an essential part of having a great backyard this summer. You can make a unique pool float out of a bean bag. They also come in all different shapes and sizes.

  1. Inflatable Twister

Blow up this inflatable twister game for hours of fun. If regular twister is getting too easy for you, then you should try to up the ante with this fun-filled summer backyard project.

  1. Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar is almost a necessity when you’re having a party in your backyard. You can build your own outdoor bar or you can easily buy one from a store such as Sears or Amazon.

  1. A Secret Garden

When you want a place to go and get away from everything this summer, you can take a trip into your secret garden. Simply put a door in the fence in front of where you want your garden and you’ll have a space to get away from everything and work in your garden.

  1. A Lounge Chair That Allows You to Read

If you’ve ever tried to read a book while laying on your stomach, then you have also discovered how difficult it can be. You can buy one of these magical chairs on Amazon, as well as at Target.

  1. Outdoor Movie Screen

An inflatable outdoor movie screen is great for watching movies outside this summer. You can buy a Disney themed movie screen from Walmart for the perfect summer activity with the kids.

  1. Outdoor Shower

Showering outside is the ultimate way to relax during the summer. If it is a hot summer day and you want to hop in a quick shower, build an outdoor shower for the best and easiest way to cool off while cleaning.

  1. The Ultimate Beach Chair

When you want to be treated like the royalty you are, the ultimate beach chair is perfect for you. This chair comes with shade, comfortable cushions, and a small table for a drink.

  1. Adjustable Shade

If you love being outside during the summer and you don’t have any way to get natural shade, make your own. Simply stake two PVC pipes into the ground and attach a shower curtain for an easy and cheap way to have a shady spot in your backyard this summer.

  1. A Chandelier Bird Feeder

Bird feeders don’t have to be an eye sore. Check out your local Goodwill or yard sales for cheap chandeliers and create a bird feeder. Hang these in your trees and your backyard will soon to be the talk of the town.

  1. A Pillow Quilt

Make a quilt out of pillows this summer for a comfortable way to sit on the ground and hang out with your friends and family. Simply sew together a bunch of pillows, and you have your own pillow quilt.

  1. Water Blob

A water blob is great way to keep your little ones entertained this summer. You can easily make your own water blob this summer with just a few materials and a little bit of time. For instructions click here.

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You’ll Want To Have In Your Backyard This Summer