There’s only one thing that beats a lazy summer day lounging in your own backyard paradise: a lazy summer day lounging in your own private backyard paradise.

If your yard is a little too open to prying eyes, ditch expensive fences in favor of one of these out-of-the-box backyard privacy ideas. These budget-friendly projects can be built over the course of a weekend, so you can start enjoying your newly-secluded yard in just a few days.

Cheap Backyard Privacy Fence Ideas

#1 Super-Sized Planters

Oversized planters with hydrangeas used for backyard privacy.

Purchase several large planters and fill them with tall, decorative grasses or flowers. Arrange the planters in a row along a section of your porch or other area where you need a little screening. This is essentially a cheap version of the classic (but pricey) use of shrubs to form a privacy fence.

Average Costs:

  • $15-$20 per planter.
  • $4-$15 per bag of potting soil.
  • Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your desired plants!

#2 Easy Living Wall

Flower boxes attached to a simple fence to create backyard privacy.

You can DIY a simplified living wall by hanging several flower boxes from a lattice screen or other frame. Fill the boxes with soil and the flowers or greenery of your choice. For the most coverage, choose larger, bushy plants as the main occupants of your boxes. Consider including trailing plants as well, to provide cover between boxes. For the green thumbs among us, this backyard privacy idea comes with the bonus of increasing your gardening space.

Average Costs:

  • $11-$20 per flower box.
  • $8-$10 per flower box holder.
  • $4-$15 per bag of potting soil.
  • $14-$20 per lattice panel.
  • Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your desired plants!

#3 Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains providing backyard privacy to a patio.

Simply hang the outdoor curtains of your choice from a rope, wire or rods around your porch, patio or other seating area. You can use trees, porch railings and any other sturdy fixtures in your yard to hang your curtains. Simple wooden posts can be driven into the ground wherever extra support is needed. Backyard privacy curtains are simple to DIY and will create a beautiful and unique look for your yard.

Average Costs:

  • $20-$50 per set of curtains.
  • $11-$25 per post (if needed).
  • Don’t forget to factor in the cost of whatever option you choose for suspending your curtains.

#4 Simple Lattice Fence

A white lattice fence, surrounded by flowers, provides cheap backyard privacy.

All this project takes are a few wooden posts or boards, depending on how sturdy you want your fence to be, and enough lattice to cover them. Before putting the fence together, you can also easily paint or stain the lattice to complement the color of your house or yard furnishings. If your style leans more toward a traditional privacy fence, this DIY idea is about as simple—and inexpensive—as it gets.

Average Costs:

  • $14-$20 per lattice panel.
  • $11-$25 per post.

#5 Upcycled Privacy Screen

A quirky yet functional privacy screen can be made out of several different materials. A few old doors, either painted to match or left their original colors, can be attached with hinges to form a folding screen. Ditto for old shutters or, appropriately enough, old screens. Opaque glass bottles, with holes drilled in the bottom, can be stacked up along wooden rods to create both a unique privacy screen and a conversation starter. With a little creativity, the possibilities here are endless.

Average Costs:

  • Whatever material you decide to upcycle can likely be found for free around your house or for a small fee at yard sales, flea markets or thrift stores.

Got your own ideas for creating backyard privacy? Share them in the comments!

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*All average costs are rough estimates. Exact totals will vary based on the specific materials you use and where you purchase them.