5 Cardboard DIY Projects

Cardboard boxes are an item that can blow your kid’s mind. Here are a few DIY projects involving cardboard that any kid or even a fun-loving adult can enjoy.

  1. Purse – This surprisingly chic handbag requires cardboard, thick brown paper, tape, a hole punch, hot glue, and a pipe cleaner. The first step is to cut two handbag shapes out of the cardboard. Then, take your craft paper and cut that in a shape that will fit to secure the cardboard together. Use your hot glue gun to secure the paper to the cardboard. You can reinforce it with clear tape around the edges. Next, punch a hole on both sides of the purse and push the pipe cleaner through. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner and use it as a strap for your handbag.


  1. Doll Bed – A small cardboard box can be transformed into a doll or stuffed animal bed with just a supplies. You will only need cardboard, a pencil, a box cutter and a large metal ruler. You will need to mark the cardboard where you will want to cut with your pencil. You will need 2 legs towards the foot of the bed, two towards the front, a headboard, a foot board and the base of the bed. Below is the graphic of how you will want to cut the pieces of cardboard. Once you have all of the pieces cut out, simple push the parts together and you will have your small doll bed.


  1. Lego Town – This project is perfect for when you have a large cardboard box such as a refrigerator box or a wedding dress box. Simply cut off one side of the box, so the kids can hop in and draw on the inside. Encourage them to draw a town with roads, houses, trees and whatever else. They can then play with their Legos inside the box. This is a great way to contain all of their Legos and let them express their creativity.


  1. Ball Maze – For this DIY project, you will only need a large cardboard box, two long cardboard tubes, a utility knife and some hot glue. First, you will want to make your cardboard box in half so you have an open face box. Next, cut the tubes into small sections and then cut those sections in half, so you have them opened up. Use your hot glue to secure the tubes onto the cardboard. Finally, gather up some balls and have some fun!


  1. Elevator – For this project you will need a cardboard box, googly eyes and sticker labels with numbers and up and down arrows. First, stick the numbers and the up and down arrows onto the googly eyes. Next stick the number buttons on the inside of the cardboard box and then arrow buttons of the flaps on the outside. You can also cut an arrow out of cardboard and fasten to the top of the box to show if the elevator is going up or down. Lastly, show it to your kids and let them be amazed by the pushable buttons!


Next time you have some leftover cardboard boxes, try transforming them into something for your kids. Everyone knows children love boxes, so why not make them into something useful for your little ones. Check out our blog every Monday for more DIY projects and crafts. Feel free to comment below with any suggestions or ideas.