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7 Things You Cannot Recycle

Recycling is great. It saves energy, prevents unnecessary waste and helps create a healthier environment that everyone can enjoy. But before you start...

America Recycles Day

The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash per day. Only 1.51 pounds of it actually gets recycled. Through their “I Want To...

How to Get Rid of Old Tires

November 10, 20170

How to Get Rid of Old Tires

Getting rid of tires can be a challenge since most waste haulers won’t accept them in their dumpsters or curbside trash pickup. “Most...

How to Reduce Waste at Home

October 19, 20170

How to Reduce Waste at Home

Want to learn how to reduce waste at home? Our garbage-saving tips will make your home and lifestyle greener and maybe even save...

Image of a room quirky cabinet with a poster above it saying Furniture Upcycling

Ready for a change in décor? Disposing of your old furniture can be a bigger problem than you think, especially if your city...

Project Ideas with Leftover Paint

September 26, 20170

5 DIY Leftover Paint Projects

So you’ve just finished painting your bedroom, bathroom, deck or one of the many other areas of your home. And now you’re wondering...