A great way to save money on planters and flower pots is to create your own. You can look around your house or visit flea markets and thrift stores to find unique items. Upcycling items into container gardens can really spruce up your garden.


Check to see if you have an old tool box laying around. It is a perfect home for a succulent garden. It can be easily moved to any spot that is in need of some greenery. Don’t forget to drill a few drainage holes in the bottom.


Flower Bed

Not sure what to do with that crib your child grew out of? Give your perennials a relaxing place to grow!

Paint Cans

Have you remodeled your kitchen or bathroom? This is the perfect opportunity to repurpose the empty paint cans into planters.


Coffee Cans

Why stop with paint cans when you can upcycle coffee cans into planters. You can use that extra paint to decorate the outside of the cans!



Is your purse soo last summer? Instead of keeping it in a drawer, use it to add some fashion to your garden. To avoid staining the fabric, line it with plastic.



Planting flowers in baskets is an easy way to complement your garden. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, you can put your creative side to good use. To ensure the wooden baskets last longer, you can coat them with varnish or polyurethane and line them with plastic before you start planting.



Is your suitcase all banged up from traveling? Don’t throw it away! This out of the ordinary flower container will make a great home for your plants.



No need to drain water from your spaghetti in this colander. Instead you can drain water from your favorite flowers and plants.


Gutter Garden

The roof isn’t the only place a gutter can be useful. A deck railing can be a great spot to show off your colorful annuals.


Bird Cages

If you want to get really fancy, you can use a bird cage or bird house to display your plants. Check to see if you have any old bird houses taking up space in your barn or local flea market.


Rocking Chairs

Here’s another easy project. Simply use old wooden or wicker chairs to display your flowers. For larger chairs you can cut a hole in the seat to slide in a pot of flowers. For doll-sized chairs you can set a small pot right on the seat.



If you’re not donating your old shoes then you should definitely upcycle them into plant and flower holders. There are a variety of ways you can display your shoes. Place them on the ground, sit them on a railing or hang them on a fence. The possibilities are endless!


Watering Cans

Watering cans don’t only have to be used to refresh your flowers and plants. It can be a home for them as well!


Now that you have some ideas for container gardens, it’s time to make your garden unique. Do you have a one of a kind container idea? Let us know in the comments section!