Recycling cans is not a new concept, but utilizing those basic containers by creating new uses for them can be. We are here to show you some innovative and useful ideas that you can do to your everyday soup and coffee cans.

Tin Can Totem Pole

Most people drink coffee in the morning right? Save your coffee cans because this is a great activity for the kids. They can paint their favorite faces on each coffee can and pick the perfect spot for it in the yard.

Tin Can Votive Holder

This candle concept is great to make a room feel romantic, relaxing and even scary. Glue candles in your choice of canisters for a Halloween party or a wedding reception. This will easily help you spruce up a room without costing you anything!

Tin Can Supply Organizer

Bring your vegetable and soup cans to work. This is an instant organizer for all of your desk essentials. This would also be great for teachers to organize all of their supplies. Pick out patterned cloth or paper to decorate the cans. Pick a theme and be creative!

Tin Can Lamp

This is a unique lamp that may remind you of something that could be seen in a Disney movie. It’s a great way to customize your space.

Tin Can Lantern

Hope you have coffee cans left over from the totem pole. If not, you can also use paint cans for this lighting craft. Pick out fun patterns that will flicker no matter where you put them. Remember to place the lanterns on a fire-safe surface.

Tin Can Planter

Gardening gives you a relaxing feeling. Why not add recycling to the mix by making these great little outdoor planters. These are great for kitchens and porches. Paint the cans to give them that homey feel.

Tin Can Wine Rack

This tin wine rack is a unique rustic way to organize your wine bottles. Stack the containers in every which way!

Tin Can Bag Holder

Replace the eyesore of the box that holds garbage bags and replace with a tin can!