Many grocery stores still distribute single-use plastic bags to pack their customers’ groceries. These shouldn’t be thrown out, as they are harmful to the environment. If you do not regularly take them to be recycled, you can find they accumulate in piles rather quickly. Instead of just taking them to the recycling center, you can upcycle them into something crafty that you can use over and over again. Create a reusable bag from plastic yarn that will also help save you from gathering more bags in the future.


First, gather your plastic bags. It is nice to have three different colors, but you can choose to use more or fewer colors depending on what type of design you are planning to make. The number of bags you need will depend on how large you want your final product to be.

Fold the bag so that that the handles are on one end and the bottom of the bag is on the other. Cut off both the bottom lining and the handle at the top with scissors.

Then, cut the bag into 4 equal pieces.

Each piece will be a plastic ring when unfolded. Loop the rings together in a knot to form a longer strand. Continue looping them together until you create a long yarn. You can then roll it to form a ball to make it easier to store and easier to work with.

Use the plastic as yarn to crochet to your heart’s desire! You can experiment with designs and sizes for your reusable bag. If you do not know how to crochet, there are many online sources available to help you learn. Here is a link to teach crochet for beginners.

Ta-Da! Now all those plastic bags you’ve accumulated won’t go to waste and won’t end up drifting around in the ocean. These bags are sturdy and can hold a lot. Use your new bag the next time you go to the grocery store and save yourself from getting even more bags. (But when you DO get more plastic bags, make sure you save them, so you can start making more bags for your grocery trips.)