There are many household items that we inevitably collect as we consume more and more of them. Perhaps one of the most popular ones is pill bottles. Everyone has a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions and pain medicines. But what do you do with the empty bottles? Some can be recycled and some cannot. So, why not put the non-recyclables to good use? Here are brilliant ways to repurpose those old bottles*:

*Also note to take off all of the labels so no one has access to your personal information and to clean and sanitize the bottles before you use them.

Travel Survival Kit

When you spend a day at the beach or a campsite you need to keep specific necessities dry. This is a great way to store matches and band aids.

Store Shampoo or Lotion

This is a great way to store your shampoo or conditioner when traveling on an airplane. It should be the right size to make it through security too!

Hide a Key

This is probably my favorite way to use a pill bottle. Instead of the traditional “put your key under the doormat” hiding place, why not use a pill bottle! Put the key in the bottle, push the bottle all the way down in the dirt, and then put a rock over it. How clever!

Store Your Seeds in the Winter

Towards the end of growing season, collect all your seeds for the spring. You’ll be a step ahead of everyone else!

Car Money Kit

Sick of the loose change in your cup holder? These are great for storing cash for tolls or parking. They will even fit in your glove compartment without taking up a lot of space!

Ear Buds Holder

Stop untangling your earbuds and put them in a pill bottle!

Emergency Snack Kit

This is a great idea for people who have diabetes. In case your blood sugar is low, this is a handy way to store M&M’s and Skittles.

Mini Hair Kit

This is the last time you will have your bobby pins and clips laying around! It is also great to put in a purse.

Mini Ice Packs

Instead of buying ice packs just make your own! Fill the bottles with water and freeze.

Board Game Kit

Never lose a game piece ever again! Keep those tiny pieces and figures safe in a pill bottle.