Don’t throw out your unused paper bags. As the seasons change, it’s important to stay eco-friendly as you decorate your home for the seasons. We have the perfect fall time craft for you that will help you upcycle those paper bags into festive decorations. Here’s how you can turn your paper grocery bags into an autumn wreath.

Gather your supplies: For this project you will need: a few paper bags, scissors, hot glue gun, a foam circle (you can also use some sturdy cardboard cut into a circle shape!) and some festive embellishments.

Cut: Cut your paper bag into skinny strips. They don’t all have to be the same length or width.

Twist: Twist the strips. Don’t worry about making them look perfect. These are supposed to have a crinkled or rustic look.

Glue: Using the hot glue gun, wrap the twisted paper bag strips around the foam circle and glue them into place until it is covered with the paper bag strips.

Embellish: After your foam circle is completely covered with the paper bag, it is time to add embellishments! Using the glue gun, you can adhere any festive fall time craft items. Or you can collect things from your yard, such as twigs and acorns.

Hang: Now it’s time to display your beautiful and recycled autumn wreath! You can tie a ribbon to the top in order to hang it, or hang your wreath directly on a hook without ribbon. These can easily be changed up and decorated for nearly any holiday!