Budget Dumpster wants to give our readers an opportunity to turn their potential trash into treasures instead of throwing them in a dumpster. We will supply you with 8 recycling ideas that you will be able to accomplish in the comfort of your own home. At the very least, these do it yourself projects may inspire you to create your own treasures. Some of these projects may take a little trial and error, but luckily you are using “trash.”

#1: Cell Phone Charging Holder
Once you use a cell phone charging holder, you will never fuel up your phone the old way again. Just by recycling a little cardboard, you can create a device that will not only keep your phone clean, but also much more accessible. Make one of these now before wireless charging comes out!

#2: Bag Bottle Cap
Have you ever had a bag of food that just doesn’t have the seal you are looking for? Well by taking a bottle cap, you can keep that food fresh for much longer. All you need is a pair of scissors and in a matter of minutes your food is securely stored.

#3: Record Magazine Holder
Unless you have a record player, you may be looking at your old vinyl as trash. If you search the internet, you can find countless ways to recycle your records. However my personal favorite is the magazine or mail holder. It is an excellent way to make your place funky… in a good way!

#4: Glass Bottles
If you have access to a glass cutter, you instantly have the ability to produce some of the coolest cups in the world. It is probably better to just recycle glass bottles the normal way, but this will extend their life for many years. Chop off the top of your beer bottles, refill and continue drinking out of them or even throw a candle in it.

#5: Reading Chair
Now this may look complicated, but it really is just time consuming. Books are tossed away every single day and this is just an awesome to keep them in use. It may not be the most comfortable, but it sure is a great conversation piece.

#6: Cork Coasters
Cork is a recyclers dream because it can be transformed into a wide variety of products. However I like to keep it simple when it comes to re-purposing cork. With just a little glue and maybe some string you can keep you table free of water marks. The hard part is drinking all the wine.

#7: Writing Utensil Holder
This DIY project allows recycling to go almost full circle. By taking unwanted writing instruments you can create a place to store them. As you can see, it is very visually appealing. Just be certain to make you holder with the pencil tip down.

#8: Plastic Plants
For many years now, plastic bottles have provided gardeners with an affordable way to house their plants. Many with even greener thumbs are able to create hydroponic irrigation systems out of this so-called trash. Do not miss out on your chance to make your garden the talk of the town.