A great way to reuse old and torn towels is to turn them into bath mats. Towel bath mats are great because they are absorbent, simple to make and easily washable. You will only need three items to make this rug, the first is the towels, the second is a latch canvas grid and the last is scissors. Here are the steps you can take to make one for yourself!

1. Collect old and worn bath towels and wash rags.

2. Buy a latch canvas grid. You can find these at any crafting stores.

3. Cut the latch into the size of your choice. The usual bath mat is about 20” by 30”.

4. Cut your towels and rags into strips about two inches long and a half inch wide.

5. Tie the strips through the latches on the canvas grid. It is okay to tie on every other space.

6. Cut the tops of the strips to make sure everything lays evenly.

7. Enjoy your new rug!


This method is very simply and the only effort goes into tying the pieces around the latch grid. If you have multiple colored towels, you can make a multicolored bath mat. Feel free to use whatever color towels you have at your disposable. Be careful washing this rug and always dry on low. Check our blog every Friday for more DIY projects.