Thanksgiving is over which means it is time to get out all of your Christmas decorations. To me, the most important thing to decorate is the tree. As you are getting out the boxes of decorations you may realize you have accumulated a plethora of ornaments. These ornaments might date back to 20 or 25 years! If that’s the case, the paint might be chipped or tattered. Instead of throwing away the old ornaments, here are some creative ideas on how to upcycle them!

Use an old frame to hang ornaments. This would look lovely on an empty wall in a living or dining room.

Create an elegant garland by using ribbon and placing ornaments in decorative bowls.

This upcycle idea is my favorite. Gather up the festive or bright bulbs to decorate a door handle. This would be perfect for the front door of your house or even the bathroom door.

Instead of placing ornaments on a tree, make a tree of ornaments!

Check out this stunning mirror. Simply pick out a number of ornaments and use a hot glue gun to mount ornaments to a mirror.

Placing ornaments in a vase is such a simple way to decorate!

Reserve a special place for sentimental ornaments by placing them in a frame.

Bring the ornaments outside! Hang them in your garden or from the trees to spruce up your backyard.

We hope this DIY reminded you to upcycle during the holidays. Ornaments are not the only holiday decoration you can upcycle. There are various items in your holiday box that you can repurpose. Remember, when you find old ornaments the solution isn’t always to throw them away! Please feel free to share any holiday upcycling projects you have done.