Having a home office is a great way to increase your work productivity and quality while you’re working from home. Building your own home office is the only way to give yourself exactly what you need and want for your specific job or hobby. One major benefit to building your own home office other than the fact that you can completely customize it, is it isn’t that expensive to do. If you are considering building a home office on a budget, here is your complete tutorial.

Home Office Layout

When it comes to laying out your home office on a budget, you will want to first decide what type of feel you want your office to have. If you like natural sunlight, you may want to face your desk towards the window but be aware of any potential sun glare. Most people with creative type jobs such as writers, designers, or anything else, prefer a more open layout.

If you are looking for a more high powered type of office feel, the open layout may not be your best bet. This type of office works great for salesmen or anyone who meets with clients on a regular basis. When you are trying to go away from the open home office, you may want to have your desk in front of you and the person you are meeting with. Breaking up the room with furniture and accessories is a great way to promote the feeling of power and authority.

On the flip side, an open office layout will mean having your desk up against a wall instead of right in front of the door when you walk in. To enhance your open layout you can also add a large area rug and keep your window clear of any blinds and/ or curtains. It is important to remember when creating an open feel to make sure your desk and the ground doesn’t become too cluttered.

Home Office Furniture

Once you have decided how you want your office to feel, now is the time to buy the necessary furniture. Office furniture should not be expensive, you can always find quality pieces at second hand stores or antique shops in your area. Another great place for inexpensive home office furniture on a budget is Ikea. The only drawback to Ikea, of course, is having to put everything together yourself.

The only real necessity in a home office is a desk and a chair but if you want to get real fancy you can buy a book case, a lamp, a table, a couch and whatever else you can fit into your room. When you are building your own home office, you can make it however you like. If you think you will need a mid-afternoon nap during your work day, a couch may make total sense but if that couch will tempt you too much, I would suggest adding a chair in its place.

Home Office Storage

One drawback to having your office at home can be the lack of storage space. Depending on your type of job, you may need a lot of space to file papers, save documents, or keep prototypes of projects. Luckily, you can buy storage containers that are perfect for this, you could also make your own filing cabinets or shelves to keep all these things organized in a custom fashion.

If you need to keep sensitive files or documents in your home office, I suggest that you have a filing cabinet with a lock. If you need to keep prototypes of designs or projects, stacked storage containers may be perfect for your home office. If you are a home crafter or DIYer, having a peg board with all of your tools attached can be a great way to keep everything organized.

The real beauty in having your own home office, is you can do whatever you want with it. If you want a standing desk, then you can do it. If you want to work from your couch, go for it. When you have the freedom to work from home, take advantage of it by building your dream home office. Do you have any tips or suggestions for building your own home office on a budget? Let us know by leaving us a comment in the section below.

Home Office on a Budget