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How to Deep Clean Your House

Homeowner Cleans Countertop With Rag and Yellow Gloves
By:Liz Kane| Last Updated:03/28/2024
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Deep Cleaning Your House Room-by-Room

Life gets hectic, and while you’re busy living it, dirt and clutter can build up quickly. Take a timeout to clean and get organized as the seasons change, and keep your house in tip-top shape all year. You can tackle one room a day, or knock out the whole house in a weekend.

Learn how to deep clean every room in your home with this step-by-step checklist.


How Often Should You Deep Clean Your House?

This deep cleaning checklist can be followed every three to four months, with some exceptions like cleaning the kitchen, changing your sheets and vacuuming rugs. You should be thoroughly cleaning your home as the seasons change, paying special attention to spring cleaning once cold and flu season is wrapping up.

Hand Wiping Down Stovetop With Blue Towel

How to Deep Clean a Kitchen

The kitchen is a high-maintenance area to clean, since it’s used frequently and bacteria from food can cover many surfaces. Along with your general daily cleaning, tackle these tasks seasonally to keep your kitchen sparkling.

Cleaning Supplies Needed:

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Oven cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Bucket
  • Paper towels
  • Mop
  • Broom

1. Clean Out the Refrigerator

Take everything out of your fridge and freezer, throw away expired or freezer-burned food and wipe down all the shelves and drawers. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall to wipe down the top and sides and sweep behind the appliance.

2. Disinfect the Countertops

After clearing junk off your countertops, wipe down the counters and backsplash with an all-purpose cleaner, or a granite cleaner if you have stone tiles. Scrub the grout with warm water and a stiff-bristled toothbrush. You can also add some baking soda to the water for extra cleaning power.

3. Soak the Garbage Disposal

Pour ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar down your garbage disposal to eliminate lingering odors, and plug it with a drain plug. After a few minutes, remove the stopper and rinse the mixture with hot water.

4. Wipe Down the Stove and Microwave

Take the tray out of your microwave, and wash it in the sink with dish soap and warm water. Wipe down the inside and outside of the microwave with warm, soapy water.

Remove the burner grates and caps from your stovetop, and wipe them down. If the grates are extra greasy, let them soak in a mixture of warm water, vinegar and baking soda for 20 minutes before wiping them down with a sponge.

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Bonus Deep Cleaning Tip
If your old food splatters won’t budge, put a wet paper towel in the microwave for 20 seconds to steam the sides and make it easier to wipe away the build-up.

5. Clean the Oven

Run your oven’s self-clean cycle if it has one. It’s important to note that this will only work if the oven is moderately dirty. Otherwise, this can lead to smoke and potentially even start a fire. If your oven has a lot of buildup or doesn’t have a self-clean function, create a baking soda, water and vinegar solution and use a spray bottle to coat the inside. Let it sit overnight, and then scrub the surface thoroughly.

6. Run the Dishwasher on Empty

Clear out your dishwasher’s drain to remove any food particles. Then, place a dishwasher-safe container filled with one cup of vinegar inside and run the dishwasher on a regular cycle. Once that cycle is finished, sprinkle baking soda across the bottom of your dishwasher and run it again on a hot water setting.

7. Clear Out Crumbs From the Toaster

Empty your toaster or toaster oven by gently shaking out the crumbs into the garbage can. Then, pull out the crumb tray if you have one and wash grease off the removable trays and racks. Wipe down both the outside and inside with a combination of dish soap and vinegar.

8. Wipe Down the Cabinets, Drawers and Shelves

Empty your cabinets, drawers and shelves. This is a great time to assess what you have, donate items you don’t want and throw away anything that’s broken or missing parts. Wipe down the inside of all these areas with a combination of warm water and dish soap.

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Bonus Deep Cleaning Tip
While your cabinets and drawers are empty, take some time to get things back in order! Learn how to organize junk drawers in 25 minutes or less.

9. Flush the Coffee Maker

Mix equal parts water and vinegar, and run a brew cycle. Once your coffee maker is done brewing, clean all parts thoroughly with dish soap and warm water to remove any remaining vinegar residue.

10. Wash Out the Sink

Clean your sink and sprinkle baking soda all over. Using warm water and dish soap, start scrubbing the sink from the top down so you can work the water toward the drain.

11. Sweep and Mop the Floors

Sweep and wash your floors, making sure to remove all furniture and clean underneath. Use a mixture of mild soap and warm water to mop the floors, and then soak up any dampness with a microfiber cloth.

Hold it right there! You decluttered first, right?
Consider decluttering your home before you clean any further!

Person Vacuuming Wood Living Room Floor

How to Deep Clean a Living Room

While your living room likely gets a lot of tidying up and surface cleaning, there are many sneaky spots where dirt, dust and pet hair can build up that probably need a thorough scrubbing.

Cleaning Supplies Needed:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Duster
  • Vacuum
  • Paper towels
  • Glass cleaner
  • Squeegee
  • White vinegar
  • Melamine foam sponge

1. Wash the Curtains and Drapes

Based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, wash your curtains and drapes. Wipe down all blinds using a cloth dipped in equal parts water and vinegar. If you have wood blinds, give them a good dusting with a microfiber cloth and wipe them down with warm water only, as vinegar can damage the finish.

2. Clean Carpets and Rugs

Vacuum your carpets and rugs. If your rug is machine washable and small enough to fit in your washing machine, you can run it through one cycle and lay it flat to dry. If your floor is fully carpeted or your rug is too large, use a rug shampoo, warm water and a sponge or soft-bristled brush to clean the surface. You can also rent a steam cleaner from your local home improvement store.

3. Dust Wood Furniture

Using a microfiber cloth, wipe down all your wood furniture, mantels, shelves and picture frames. If you or your family suffer from allergies, it might be safer to use your vacuum hose attachment with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which will capture dust more efficiently.

4. Clean Upholstered Furniture

Start by removing cushions and vacuuming all upholstered furniture to get rid of crumbs and loose change. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best way to clean your furniture. Depending on what type of material it’s made of, there are various ways to clean it without hiring a professional.

5. Dust Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Keeping your fans clean helps maintain their performance to cool your home more efficiently. Wipe down and dust your light fixtures and ceiling fans with a microfiber cloth. Make sure to test each lightbulb and replace if needed.

6. Wipe Down Baseboards

Clean dirty baseboards and molding with a damp microfiber cloth. You can also use a melamine foam sponge to remove any scuffs or scratches.

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Bonus Deep Cleaning Tip
Have your baseboards been neglected for too long? Wet a Magic Eraser or use a dryer sheet to scrub off stubborn residue.

7. Wash the Windows

Start by wiping or vacuuming the dirt off your window frame. If the screens look dirty, wash them with warm soapy water and a soft brush, then rinse and let them dry before putting them back in place. Then, clean the inside of your windows with a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Gloved Hands Spraying and Wiping Down Bathroom Sink

How to Deep Clean a Bathroom

Bathrooms encounter a lot of traffic, and while you probably clean them pretty regularly, it’s important to deep clean your bathrooms every few months. This is especially true after hosting guests and during flu season.

Cleaning Supplies Needed:

  • Washing soda
  • Glass cleaner
  • Baking soda
  • Castile soap
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • Mild soap
  • Toilet brush

1. Clean the Toilet

Deep clean your toilet by applying castile soap on the sides of the bowl and thoroughly scrubbing with your toilet brush. Flush and let your toilet brush dry before putting it back in its holder to prevent mold growth.

2. Wash Your Towels

Throw all your bath and hand towels into the washing machine, and swap them out for clean ones. This is a good time to take inventory and either throw away or repurpose ones that are worn out.

3. Wipe Down the Mirror

Use your microfiber cloth to dust and wipe down the mirror, light fixtures and bathroom vent. We recommend doing this before cleaning the floors so you can sweep up any dust that falls.

4. Wash Bathmats and Shower Curtains

Wash your bathmats and shower curtains according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you haven’t replaced your shower curtain liner in the past few months, toss it and get a new one.

5. Scrub the Sink, Tub and Shower

Mix warm water with baking soda until it forms a paste, and use it to scrub your sink, tub and shower with a microfiber cloth. Spray vinegar over the mixture and scrub again, then rinse thoroughly.

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Bonus Deep Cleaning Tip
Be cautious not to mix bleach-based products with toilet cleaners or products containing ammonia due to the hazardous fumes this can create.

6. Mop the Floor

Use warm water and dish soap to mop your bathroom floor. Make sure to get behind the toilet, in small corners and between the vanity and wall if these areas are reachable.

7. Clean Out Drawers and Cabinets

Clear out and wipe down all drawers and cabinets. Take inventory of what you have, what you need and what can be tossed out. While you’re at it, get rid of old and expired products from your medicine cabinet and add storage solutions for toiletries as needed.

Freshly Made Bed With Blue Sheets and Colorful Pillows

How to Deep Clean a Bedroom

Few things feel better than falling into crisp, clean sheets at the end of a long day, so imagine channeling that clean energy into the rest of your bedroom. While you likely change your sheets regularly, there are many areas that are likely overlooked on a daily basis. Here’s how to get the whole room looking spotless.

Cleaning Supplies Needed:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Duster
  • Vacuum
  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Melamine foam sponge

1. Wash Sheets and Pillowcases

Strip your bed, and wash the sheets, pillowcases and pillows according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Take stock of extra sheets and pillowcases in your linen closet, and donate sets you no longer need or throw away any items that are torn or stained.

2. Clean Your Mattress

Sprinkle baking soda on top of your bare mattress, and rub it in with a scrub brush. Wait at least one hour, and then vacuum it up to remove lingering odors. This is also the perfect time to evaluate if it’s time to replace your mattress.

3. Vacuum Carpets and Rugs

If your rug is washing machine-safe and small enough to fit, you can vacuum it and run it through a cycle. Lay it flat to dry. If your floor is fully carpeted or your rug is too large, vacuum and use a rug shampoo, warm water and a sponge or soft-bristled brush to clean.

4. Dust Wood Furniture and Fixtures

Dust and wipe down wooden nightstands, dressers, picture frames, lamps, light fixtures and wall art. You can use a microfiber cloth or the hose attachment of your vacuum.

5. Wipe Down Baseboards

Remove dust from all baseboards, molding and the ceiling using a microfiber cloth or your vacuum’s hose attachment. Scrub baseboards with your cloth or a melamine foam sponge to remove any scuffs.

6. Organize Your Closet

Empty your closet and take inventory. You can switch out your clothing based on the season, or go for a full purge and donate what you don’t need or wear anymore. Wipe down the inside, and get your closet organized as you load it back up with the things you’re keeping. This is a great time to declutter nightstands and other bedroom drawers as well.

7. Wash the Windows

Just like in your living room, you should sweep or vacuum the dirt from bedroom window frames. If the screens look dirty, wash them with soapy water and a soft brush, rinse and let them dry before putting them back in place. Then, clean the inside of your windows using a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Clean Laundry Room With Washer, Dryer and Sink

How to Deep Clean a Laundry Room and Garage

You use your washer to clean clothes, but when was the last time you cleaned the machine itself? While your laundry room, garage and basement might not see as much traffic as the other rooms in your home, it’s still important to give them a deep clean every few months.

Cleaning Supplies Needed:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Broom
  • Cat litter
  • Duster
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • White vinegar

1. Run a Clean Cycle in the Washing Machine

Run your washing machine on a clean cycle with one cup of warm water and one cup of bleach. Then, run a second cycle using two cups of vinegar, ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of water. Wipe down the sides and top of the machine, and wash the soap dispenser once you’re done running the cleaning cycles.

2. Clean the Dryer

Remove and wash your lint trap, and lay it out to dry. Unplug your dryer from the wall, and use your vacuum hose to suck up any lint or debris that’s left inside the trap. Wipe down the sides and top of the dryer before plugging it back in.

3. Restock Supplies

Take inventory of your laundry room needs to restock your detergent, dryer sheets, bleach and other supplies and throw away empty containers. Remove everything from your shelves or cabinets, and wipe them down.

4. Clean Up Spills

Move cars to the driveway, and assess your garage floor. Soak up any oil or car fluid spills using cat litter and sweep thoroughly. If you have a bit of time, this is a great opportunity to clean out the garage, give the floor a detailed scrubbing and get the space organized.

5. Organize Seasonal Décor

From tools and sporting equipment to seasonal décor and toys, the garage ends up being a catchall area in many homes. Sort through everything you’re storing in the garage, and create an organization system. Donate anything you don’t plan to use again, and throw away any broken items.

Deep Clean Your Home Room-by-Room Checklist

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