All trash cans are created equal. Or so you thought.

Technology is changing nearly everything about the way people go about their daily lives, and the trash can is no exception. In fact, there’s several new products revolutionizing the market with plans to expand to homes, businesses and parties everywhere. From Michigan to Denmark, these products are reinventing the trash can.

So what are they?



Bruno Smart Can

Goodbye, dustpan. Hello, Bruno. Known as the world’s first smartcan, it’s making the trash can about as 2016 as it can get. Bruno’s smart phone pairing, easy bag storage space and built-in vacuum at the bottom of the container, are leaving all other trash cans in the dust.

Bruno Smart Can

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, raising over $117,000 with a $50,000 goal, Jim Howard and Lori Montag have brought Bruno to life. Its adopted human name reflects its intelligence, as it reminds its owner to take out the trash on trash day and sends an alert when it’s low on trash bags. Possibly its best feature, a vacuum inlet, sucks up everything from cat hairs to crumbs and delivers it directly into the bag. Homeowners rejoice.

Drop Bucket

Search something along the lines of  “trash after a festival” and you’ll get some astonishing results. While they continue to grow in number and in size, music festivals are also growing in their environmental impact. Two students in Denmark are looking to reverse this trend with Drop Bucket.

Drop Bucket

Marie S. Berggreen and Heiða G. Nolsøe started Drop Bucket in 2012 while at the Technical University of Denmark. Made of recycled cardboard, this impromptu trash can is easy to carry and set up thanks to its fold-able design. While racking up various awards for its design, its biggest accomplishment remains its positive environmental impact. Drop Bucket has helped reduce the human footprint at hundreds of events across Denmark. As far as expanding their product to other countries, Marie and Heiða put it best.

Drop Bucket


Necessity often breeds invention. As was the case with Trash-Ease. Disposing of materials on the go has never been easier thanks to this wire-frame device that allows a trash bag to hang off of surfaces. Cleaning up from camping trips, sporting events and cookouts will never be the same.

Trash Ease

John Cundy first thought of Trash-Ease in 2011 while cleaning bleachers after an event. Carrying around a trash bag proved to be a pain and locating a nearby trash can would be a hassle. Enter Trash-Ease. John built the first one himself. Friends asked how they could get one. Interest grew and he found a manufacturer in Detroit. Now, years later, Trash-Ease is in Walmart stores across the country. File this one under, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

The Future of Trash Cans

The evolution of the trash can is not only making disposal easier and more accessible, it’s helping reduce our negative impact on the planet. While the focus of media is commonly on products that create less waste, it’s still critical to have practical solutions on how to best dispose of that waste. Here’s to hoping these products continue to grow in their reach and innovation. Maybe roll off dumpsters are next.