The Upcycle Parts Shop in Cleveland, Ohio has opened its doors! This shop collects used materials from others and then turns it into useful items for people to buy. They are dedicated to promoting creativity and a sense of community through their shop and through their products. They are on a mission to help other businesses turn usable waste into other usable materials. This innovative shop is committed to lessening our impact on the environment and creating less waste to go to landfills.

You can think of this shop like the DIY Crafts board on Pinterest coming to life. They sell all kinds of materials you could use for an art or DIY project. You can also pull a seat up to their crafting bar and start making something while in the shop. The upcycled materials they sell are perfect for creating all kinds of art projects. Whether you are 5 years old or 95 years old, this shop has something for you. These proactive ideas are a great way to lessen the amount of waste we make for our environment.

This same idea of upcycling was utilized in Detroit, when an artist transformed doors from demolished houses into bus shelters and benches. This project goes by the clever name of “Door Stops”. The doors are painted in a way that helps liven up the neighborhood. The overall goal of the project, is to change the way people view public transportation and to also brighten up some of Detroit’s more dilapidated neighborhoods. 12 shelters/ bus stops have been built since last September and they plan to place 13 more by the end of the year.

Even major companies have jumped on the upcycling train or should I say airplane? Southwest Airlines has launched a campaign to upcycle their 43 acres of used leather seats. This recycling project will create a ton of jobs and benefit the community. The seats will be sent to several organizations based in Kenya to turn the leather into useable items and clothing. These organizations will teach young people leather crafting skills and pay them for their work.

The leather seats will be turned into shoes, bags, wallets and soccer balls. They will make leather shoes to be donated to children in villages and orphanages in Kenya. They will also make soccer balls which will be donated to local schools and communities in Kenya. Just one seat contains enough leather to make four soccer balls. The seats that will replace the old blue and tan ones will be made out of more environmentally friendly materials.

This initiative is called LUV Seat and they hope the project will garner the attention of charities. Air travel can cause large amounts of pollution, so this is nice to see a major airline choosing to think about the environment. They will be using other materials for their new seats, but Southwest understands that they first need to take care of the leather they have on their hands right now.

Here at Budget Dumpster we encourage all of our customers to upcycle as much as they can. We also utilize local recycling plants as often as possible. When our customers are tossing out construction materials such as wood and metal, we take everything that is recyclable to the recycling center in that town. Our company has made the extra effort to leave a positive and small footprint on the environment. Contact Budget Dumpster to hear about our affordable and environmentally friendly waste removal service.

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