How to re-do a flower bed

Maybe you just moved into a new home and the landscaping is less than desirable. Perhaps you just want to revamp your flowers and greenery to a new look to your home. Whatever the reason, re-doing a flower bed gives you the opportunity to start fresh and express yourself.
When you decide you want to start over and re-do your flower bed, it’s important to understand that it will take some time. Don’t start planting flowers right away, because you’ll want a clean slate so the soil will be at conditions for your plants to thrive.

1. Start by making a plan – Know your budget and your climate. What plants will do best in the temperature and sunlight they will get? Local gardening stores are often knowledgeable on the area and can offer advice.

2. Clean out your flower beds – Remove old perennials. Put healthy flowers into pots for display.


3. Prepare the soil – Cover the area with a nonspecific weed killer (such as glyphosate) and cover it with black plastic. Seal the seams with compost.


4. Wait – Any seeds in the soil will start to grow, but will wither because of lack of sunlight, and will then turn to compost. After 30-60 days, your soil will be ready to start planting.  Turn over the soil to work in nutrients before beginning.


5. Call Budget Dumpster for a delivery – If you’re doing a lot of yard renovations at once, it’s a good idea to have a roll-off dumpster rental handy. Once the project gets underway, it is likely that the debris will start piling up and it can get overwhelming quickly. Be proactive and get a dumpster rental to keep everything under control and on track.


6. Redesign the lines of your flower bed – Curved margins and corners make for easy navigation of a mover. Ad edging to keep mulch in and weeds out of your flowers.


7. Arrange your garden with movement – Put them in order shortest to tallest (from front to back or perimeter to center) and consider views of the flowers from different locations, such as the street, the driveway, and out the window.


8. Plant! – Get down and dirty with a gardening shovel. Choose a good time to plant! Know your flowers and make sure the weather is not too hot or not too cold. If you are using potted plants, break up the roots on the bottom and make sure to leave your plants a little bit of room to grow.


9. Mulch – Cover your flower bed in a layer of mulch for a nice clean look. The mulch will prevent moisture loss and limit weed growth around your flowers.


10. Water – Giver your thirsty plants a healthy drink of water to keep them growing strong and looking bright and colorful.

Watering flowers

11. Finish off the rest of your landscaping – While you’re out gardening, now is the perfect time to get to the other landscaping. Tend to your lawn, trim the hedges, and tear up those dead bushes.


12. Call Budget Dumpster for a pick up – We’ll come pick up all the leftovers from your project.


13. Admire your work – Congratulations on a job well done!