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4 Yard Dumpsters

Dimensions & Capacity

Most 4-yard dumpsters are built 4' Long x 6' Wide x 5' Tall making them just as easy to fill up as a 2-yard dumpster. These dumpsters are capable of handling up to 800 lbs. of trash at one time, enough for roughly 30 bags of trash. This makes them spacious enough for the average medium sized office and small enough for those conveniently placed convenience stores.

4 yard commercial dumpster

General trash such as paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum, light metals, and food waste can be disposed of using this dumpster. However, hazardous materials and certain bulk items cannot be placed inside these bins. This includes batteries, infectious waste, asbestos, heavy materials (concrete, asphalt, lumber, roofing shingles, block, and dirt), and industrial waste.

Who uses 4 yard dumpsters?

Four-yard dumpsters are an all-around good choice for any small to medium-sized business. It offers more value for businesses that might be considering a 2-yard dumpster rental, but feel they are likely to exceed that capacity during any given week, prompting an additional pickup (and charge). For those businesses, it is far more economical to rent a 4-yard dumpster than to be constantly ordering a second trash pickup every week.

There are many types of businesses that would be well-suited with a 4-yard dumpster. These include restaurants that see up to 325 customers a day, wholesalers with fewer than 5,000 square feet of space, and mid-sized retailers. Medium-sized restaurants in particular will enjoy this unit size both because of the storage space it offers, as well as the amount of space it saves.

Where's the best place to keep this dumpster?

Most commercial enterprises that use a 4-yard dumpster keep their bin in either a designated parking area or a separate corral to keep passersby from going through it. If you run a restaurant, the best place to keep the dumpster is right by the back door so your employees can easily toss out the garbage as it starts to pile up during the Friday night dinner rush/Taco Tuesday.

If you manage a commercial property, then you will probably want to keep your dumpster by the loading area where there is generally enough room for large commercial vehicles. However, if your building receives a lot of orders during business hours, then you might want to consider keeping the dumpster in a separate area where it will be out of the way of delivery trucks.