Concrete Dumpster Rental Services

Concrete Dumpster Rentals

Rent a Dumpster to Save Time and Money on Concrete Debris Removal

Whether you’re tearing up a sidewalk or completing a full-scale demolition, our dumpster rental services can help you efficiently remove broken concrete, block and asphalt from projects of all sizes. We offer quick deliveries and pickups, and our low flat-rate pricing allows you to keep your work area clean and clear of debris for less.

Find the Right Concrete Dumpster for Your Heavy Debris

You can dispose of up to 10 cubic yards of concrete using just one container. Our most common concrete dumpster size is the 10 yard dumpster, but you can also rent a 20 yard concrete dumpster in some areas,* provided it is only filled halfway. 

Concrete Dumpster Size Ideal For:
10 or 20 Yard Dumpster
  • Driveway and slab removals
  • Retaining wall teardowns
  • Home or business remodels
  • Demolition projects

*Heavy debris loads are limited to a maximum of 10 tons on the roadway – this means a 20 yard dumpster may only be half-filled with concrete and other heavy materials. Stated weight limits may also vary by location – ask your sales representative for more information.

A Better Concrete Debris Removal Option for You and Your Clients

A professional project calls for a professional disposal solution. We provide efficient concrete dumpster services at competitive rates to keep your job’s timeline and budget on track. One quick phone call is all it takes to get a free quote, choose a dumpster size and set up your order. Have a number of upcoming projects? Let our team know and we'll work with you to manage disposal for all of your job sites.

Tackling a Home Project DIY-style?

We offer concrete dumpster rentals for homeowners too. Call 855-201-6521 to get a free quote on concrete debris removal services near you.


Concrete Dumpster

Concrete Dumpster Costs

The national average cost to rent a 10 yard concrete dumpster is $582, with prices ranging between $300 and $1317. This allows you to dispose of up to 10 tons of material without having to leave your job site.

If you have a large amount of concrete debris to remove, having a roll off dumpster on hand is much easier and more cost-efficient than hauling it on your own. 

What Can Go in a Concrete Dumpster?

There are a few types of heavy debris we can haul in a concrete dumpster:

Items that cannot be thrown into a concrete dumpster include: 

Disposal of clean concrete can always be handled with one of our concrete dumpster rentals. We can also haul away mixed heavy debris as long as all materials are free of trash, lead-based paint and significant amounts of rebar or other metal.

Due to roadway regulations, our trucks can haul up to, but no more than, 10 tons of concrete. The best dumpster size for concrete debris removal is generally a 10 cubic yard dumpster. However, you can also rent a 20 cubic yard dumpster and fill it up halfway. If you’re disposing of more than 10 tons of concrete, we can deliver multiple containers and provide convenient swap-out services to keep your project on track.   

To estimate the overall weight of your debris, use our concrete weight calculator.

Have More Projects to Work On? We Have the Dumpsters You Need

Call 855-201-6521 to find the right dumpster size and services for any project, including:

Roofing Disposal

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Demolition Projects

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