1. New Floors

A great way to update the overall look of your home for the New Year is to install new floors. Whether you just want to tear out your old carpet and install new carpet or put in hard wood floors, the best time to start is now. Check out our previous DIY posts about removing carpeting and installing new floors for detailed instructions.

  1. Tire Ottoman

Car tires are something that should never go in your everyday trash. They pose a threat to the environment and that is why you should always look to recycle or reuse your old tires. You can easily transform an old tire into a sturdy ottoman with just a few materials. Click on the image below to read our detailed instructions for making a tire ottoman.

  1. Redo Driveway

Do you hate having to rake the rocks from your gravel driveway out of the street every week? Is your driveway full of cracks and holes? If so, how about starting the year off right with a new driveway. Installing a new driveway can be a great new year’s resolution for any homeowner. Depending on your location and whether you’re dealing with concrete, brick, asphalt or gravel, Budget Dumpster can provide you with a heavy duty dumpster option for quick and easy disposal.

  1. Clean Garage

Clearing out your garage can be a great weekend project for the New Year. Start with one small section of your garage and get rid of anything that you haven’t used in the past year. Do the same thing in every section of your garage. You may want to buy some storage containers or a large tool kit to store all of your loose items effectively. If you need to rent a dumpster for all your unwanted junk, call Budget Dumpster.

  1. Rain Barrel

A great way to save money and energy in the New Year is to create a DIY rain barrel. If you want to take advantage of Earth’s natural resources, collecting rain water for your own use is one way to start. All you need is a large garbage can and some other small materials.

  1. Remodel Basement

Remodeling a room can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Transforming your basement into a useful or purposeful room can be a great project for the New Year. You can turn your basement into a crafting room or a man cave with a just few simple projects. Whether that includes installing carpet or removing old furniture, this is a great DIY to have as a resolution.

  1. Trash Can Holder

Building your own trash can holder is just as easy as it sounds and it can be a great way to hide ugly or stinky garbage cans. There are many different types of trash can holders, you can build one that slides out from under your counter or you can make one to simple go around your trash can in your kitchen. Having your trash can hidden, can make your home look cleaner and smell better.

  1. Compost Bin

Food waste is one of those topics we just love to talk about because there are some many different ways to avoid it. One way to do this is to have a compost pile for all of your food scraps and leftovers. Making your own compost bin is pretty simple and it is great for the environment. If part of your New Year’s resolution is taking better care of the environment, an easy way to start is with a compost bin.

  1. Kids Play Kitchen

You can easily transform an old nightstand, dresser or entertainment center into a kids play kitchen. The DIY project will involve some painting and a lot of creativity. Be sure to add a sink, a microwave, an oven, a stove and some storage for all the play pots, pans, and of course food. You can check out Pinterest for some inspiration and detailed tutorials.

  1. Paint Dresser

Painting an old dresser can help to transform the overall look of your room. In the summer, you can usually find people throwing out dressers, next time you drive by one, stop and pick it up. (This is what I did when I moved) With a few coats of paint and some unique sanding skills, you can take an old and haggard dresser into a new and colorful one.