Everyone should have access to toilet paper rolls in their homes. The natural thing to do is throw them away or recycle them. So instead of recycling, how about reusing those rolls to make fun crafts for the kids or clever ideas for around the home.

Here are some clever DIY toilet paper roll crafts:

Pillow Boxes

Toilet paper rolls are perfect for small gifts and gift cards. An envelope for a gift card is sometimes too simple. Spruce up a roll by adding wrapping paper and a bow and you will have yourself a cute pillow box.

Cord Organizer

Clean up those loose cords in your office or behind the TV by using toilet paper rolls. Simply wrap up the extra length of the cord and put it inside the roll. To make it even more organized, write on the rolls that go with each device.

Party Favors

This is a great idea that your wallet will probably appreciate. For your next party, use toilet paper rolls to place the party favors in. Your guests won’t even realize they are rolls when you decorate them with tissue paper and string!


If you are feeling ambitious and crafty start collecting toilet paper rolls for your next holiday wreath. Spray paint the rolls red, white and blue for the Fourth of July or bright colors for Easter! Check out this tutorial on how to make your very own.

Bird Feeder

This is a great way to show the kids how to reuse and help feed the animals. Slather the roll with peanut butter then roll it in birdseed. Then punch two holes on opposite sides of the same end of the roll and pull a string through the two holes. Hang it up on a tree branch and watch the birds enjoy!

Pencil Holder

Here’s another clever way to organize. This pencil holder would be great for a classroom or for your desk. Use your creativity to decorate the rolls!


Making binoculars for the kids is such an easy craft that won’t take very long. Once you make the binoculars, have the kids use them to look at the birds eating from your bird feeder!

Napkin Rings

Instead of buying napkin holders why not try making your own. You can cut the roll in a variety of shapes as well as use a variety of materials to decorate. The possibilities are endless!

Yarn Holder

Keep your yarn from unraveling by recycling a toilet paper roll!

Paper Roll Garden

An easy way to start up your garden is to use a toilet paper roll! Check out this 7 step tutorial.