If you’re looking for a way to impress that special someone in your life, how about updating some of the rooms in your house? In honor of Valentine’s Day, we have put together a list of 14 DIY home improvements your spouse will love to come home to.

  1. Paint 

Does your significant other hate the color of your walls? Slap on a few coats of paint and it will be the most appreciated and least expensive gift you could ever give.

  1. Laundry Room Upgrade 

A few simple upgrades in the laundry room can making doing laundry infinitely more enjoyable. You could place your washer and dryer on a pedestal with room for baskets underneath or you could hang a tension rod above the machines for air drying.

  1. New Shower Heads 

Installing new shower heads can be a great eco-friendly way to improve your home. Low- flow aerators on your showerheads can save up to 77% more water with about the same amount of water pressure.

  1. Hanging Porch Swing 

Who wouldn’t love having a place on the front porch to sip on coffee and read the newspaper every morning? Your spouse would love to come home to a hanging porch swing.

  1. Clean the Garage

No one likes parking in the street because the garage is too full of junk. If you really want to impress your significant other, take the time to clean out the garage and organize everything in it. If you need to rent a roll-off dumpster for your garage clean-out, be sure to call Budget Dumpster!

  1. Pocket Door

Making your own pocket door is a great DIY project for the person who needs just a little bit more room in their hallway. This home improvement project may be a little difficult for the non-DIYers out there.

  1. Organize the Pantry

Does your spouse whisper curse words every time they go into the pantry to find something?  If so, give them the greatest gift of all with a neatly organized pantry.

  1. Glass Shower Doors

This is another one of those projects that isn’t for the faint at heart. Installing glass shower doors is no simple feat but believe me, your partner will love it and I bet you will too.

  1. Trash Can Holder 

Having a stinky, smelly trash can out in the open is never an appealing sight. Show your loved one you care by building them a trash can holder. You can follow our tutorial here.

  1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great for when you need a place to hold things but don’t have enough room for a book case. The best part about floating shelves are they are simple to make and very in style.

  1. Mudroom

If your significant other hates having to remove their shoes before walking in the door, how about making a mudroom complete with cubbies for coats, shoes and whatever else you need.

  1. Craft Room

Every crafter dreams of having their own little space for their projects. If you really want to impress your creative partner, you could make a beautiful crafting room inside a closet.

  1. Spice Racks for Bathroom

Hanging spice racks in your bathroom, make an excellent space for storing all your small hair products and lotions. If your spouse hates things on the counter, this is the perfect home improvement project for you.

  1. Magnetic Strip for Bobby Pins

This little project is similar to the one above, hanging a magnetic strip in your bathroom makes a great place for you or your partner to store all of those bobby pins.

So, if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your spouse, here are 14 great home improvement projects they are bound to love. Do you have any suggestions for a home improvement project for your loved one? Let us know by leaving us a comment section below!