There is nothing worse than a stinky, unorganized refrigerator constantly lurking in the back of your mind. Could your refrigerator benefit from some organization? If you suffer from an unorganized and messy fridge, here are 21 great tips for refrigerator organization.

  1. Put everything in baskets.Refrigerator Organization

  2. Labels are your friends! Label doors, label baskets, label dates, and last but not least, label what’s yours.Refrigerator Organization

  3. DIY Fridge Mats.Refrigerator Organization

  4. Keep dairy out of the door.Refrigerator Organization

  5. Store meat and seafood in bottom drawer.Refrigerator Organization

  6. Bacon Container > messy bag.Refrigerator Organization

  7. Use a dry erase marker on your fridge door.Refrigerator Organization

  8. Lazy susans or turntables won’t let you forget that dressing.Refrigerator Organization

  9. Binder clips keep beer bottles from rolling.Refrigerator Organization

  10. Magazine holders can double as freezer shelves.Refrigerator Organization

  11. Organize door shelves with six-pack containers.Refrigerator Organization

  12. Activated carbon absorbs odor better than baking soda.Refrigerator Organization

  13. Wine bottle stabilizers keep your bottles in place.Refrigerator Organization

  14. Cover your shelves with plastic wrap.Refrigerator Organization

  15. Take a picture of your fridge before shopping.Refrigerator Organization

  16. Know what does & doesn’t need to be refrigerated.Refrigerator Organization

  17. Store salad in mason jars.Refrigerator Organization

  18. Clean it out regularly.Refrigerator Organization

  19. Use a soda can dispenser.Refrigerator Organization

  20. Make a weekly menu.Refrigerator Organization

  21. Invest in strong magnets.Refrigerator Organization

Do you have any other refrigerator organization tips? Leave us a comment in the section below, we’d love to hear. For more home improvement ideas, tips and hacks, go to our home improvement category. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back in tomorrow!

Refrigerator Organization