Is it true when they say any press is good press? How about when you own a hotel and a celebrity trashes the room? A celebrity can bring in a lot of money into your business but some of them are also known to trash their rooms and rack up bills in damages. Here are the five celebrities hotels should not let in their doors.

Lindsey Lohan

While this name may not surprise you to see on this list, the amount of damage she racked up may. According to the Examiner, Lohan caused $50,000 worth of damage to her Union Square apartment in 2012. This high price tag included the cost to replace all of the carpeting in her room, due to multiple cigarette burns. The actress also has a $46,000 bill at the Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont, which she has yet to pay. From running the halls in her underwear to burning the carpet, Lindsey should be put on a no fly list for staying in hotels.

Miley Cyrus

Miley has also been known for her loud and destructive behavior in hotels. She and her crew have been known to enter hotels like a wrecking ball. According to the UK’s Mirror, Cyrus caused quite the scene in the Greenwich hotel lobby in New York. The singer and her posse were supposedly jumping on the furniture in the lobby and yelling obscenities very late in the evening. When they were asked to keep it quiet, Cyrus apparently said she has spent enough money at the hotel to do so as she pleased. If she caused this much chaos in the lobby, we can only speculate as to how she left her hotel room.

Florence Welch

In 2012, Florence Welch lead singer of Florence and the Machine, admitted to trashing a New York hotel room. After one night at the Bowery Hotel, she supposedly caused thousands dollars in damage, which covered the cost of repairing the room and a hefty drink bill. The singer apparently left a candle burning which ended up burning a book and the bedside table and creating a black ash like substance all over the walls. A word to the wise would be, don’t use candles in hotels room, especially if you have been drinking.

Amanda Bynes

Everyone knows last year wasn’t the best year for Amanda Bynes, before she was forced into psychiatric hold, she created quite the brouhaha at the Ritz Carlton in New York. According to TMZ, she managed to rack up a $9,000 bill and disable the smoke detector. It still remains unclear as to whether she ended up paying the large bill.

Charlie Sheen

Of course, a hotel trashing list would not be complete without mentioning Charlie Sheen. In 2010, Sheen trashed the Plaza hotel in New York, after having a bad reaction to his medication. The actor apparently trashed the luxury hotel suite while in his underwear with his girlfriend scared in the bathroom. This trashing spree earned him a $7,516 bill in damages and a ban for life from the New York hotel.

So, before you think celebrities bring nothing but money into a hotel, consider the damages they may cause. Would you still rent out a room to one of these celebrities? If you find yourself in a bind and need to clean out a damaged room, call Budget Dumpster. We offer dumpster rentals across the nation for all different types of cleanup projects. Call us today!