Selling a home is a lot like fishing.

The key is to land a catch (buyer) while using your home as bait. The only way you’re going to reel in a buyer, though, is if (1) there’s buyers in your market and (2) if your bait is appealing. And just like fishing, you’re going to need some patience.

Making sure your home is in tip-top shape, however, can help speed up the process. If you’re looking to sell, consider taking on these five home improvement jobs before putting your home on the market. If done well, your home could go up in value.

1. Boost curb appeal

The front of your home is the first thing people see when they come over, so naturally, you want it to look good. The front of your home is especially important when trying to sell it. First impressions are everything, and when people see your home for the first time, the front should stand out and be inviting. Check out these incredibly easy ways to add curb appeal that will make your home pop, and don’t forget to read these easy landscaping tips for selling your home. After all, the landscape of your home plays an important role in trying to sell it. In order to have a landscape that stands out – in a good way – be sure to avoid these 10 landscape mistakes.

2. Declutter your home

Now that you’ve taken care of the outside of your home, it’s time to tackle the inside. When selling a home, the inside should be spotless and free of clutter. An organized home is a happy home, and your home will have to be organized if you want to attract potential buyers. These potential buyers want to be able to visualize what the home would be like with their furniture and other belongings inside it. We’ve all gone to an open house or visited an extremely large and expensive model home we can’t afford and visualized what would go where and which room would be what.

These homes are always free of clutter because, quite frankly, they have to be. We all have a little bit of clutter lying around our home, but the key is to keep it to a minimum or just get rid of it completely. Decluttering is all about making room in your home for the things that matter. If you’re wanting to sell your home, take some time to declutter. Not sure where to start? Budget Dumpster has you covered. Check out our ridiculously thorough guide to decluttering your home, and don’t forget to rent one of our roll-off dumpsters to assist you in the process.

3. Waterproof your home

Water damage is one of the most common, and costly, misfortunes affecting residences across the country, accounting for billions of dollars lost to homeowners each year. By doing something as simple as checking the pipes in your home or cleaning your gutters could save your home from potential water damage. Not only could this save you money in the long run, it could save you time. If you’re prepping your home to sell and suddenly suffer severe water damage, the process could take longer since you’ll have to cleanup the damage from the water. In order to prevent a setback, consider these tips on how to protect your home from water damage.

4. Update your kitchen

A kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a home. An updated kitchen can make a huge difference when looking to add value to your home. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul if you don’t want it to be. Something as simple as installing new cabinets or adding an island are sure to liven up a kitchen and make it more appealing. If you need some more tips, check out these 9 must-haves in a remodeled kitchen.

5. Paint your walls

A fresh coat of paint does wonders to a home. Not only does a new paint job increase the overall look of a home, but it also adds value. Neutral colors, such as whites and off-whites, tend to attract the most buyers. A neutral palette allows buyers to visualize themselves in the space seeing as those colors work with most types of furniture. It’s good to choose a paint that does a good job hiding old paint and leaves a smooth surface.