We slap paint on them, use them for displaying art and even mount our TVs on them.

Although there are many ways we bring our walls to life – plants are generally not one of them.

A living wall, also known as a green wall or vertical garden, is a wall of plants that can be attached to the interior or exterior of a building, requiring the same basic care as plants in the ground need.

While a living wall is something you don’t see every day, the idea of one isn’t as farfetched as you think.

In fact, living walls are becoming more commonplace in lobbies of hotels and corporate offices, as well as shopping centers, like this green monster in Milan. They vary in size and shape but provide the same benefits, such as:

They’re Aesthetically Pleasing

A green wall is a living work of art, and if designed well, can drastically improve the overall appearance of any home or building.


Image Source: LiveWall

“It’s easy to lose touch with nature and forget its beauty when living in such a globalized and industrialized society, said Sara Abate Rezvanifar of Ambience Design Group. “What better way to brighten up your home and bring it to life than with the use of a living green wall.”

They Improve Air Quality

In addition to looking great, living walls help purify the air. They clean outside air of pollutants and offset the carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions. In the home, living walls help clean common air toxins such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.


Image Source: “Living wall, Athanaeum Hotel, London“, Rev Stan, CC by 4.0.

They Protect Buildings

A living wall is like an umbrella for a building. It shields it from the sun, rain and wind, therefore increasing the integrity and longevity of a building’s exterior.

They Cut Energy Costs

As the temperature rises, so does the urge to crank the AC. Living green walls help control that urge by acting as a natural coolant.

In the winter, living walls serve as extra insulation, reducing the amount of heat that escapes.

They Increase Property Value

While living walls certainly aren’t a new concept, they’re part of a design trend that is growing in popularity. By adding a living green wall inside your home, you can earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points. In return, this helps increase property value by being more eco-friendly.

They’re Good for the Soul

Do you feel more relaxed and less stressed around greenery? That could be because of how plants filter and remove toxins, leading to energy-rich oxygen. Plants also allow us to connect with nature, providing a sense of calmness in today’s fast-paced society.


Image Source: LiveWall

Thinking about making a living wall of your own?

According to Mike Haynes of LiveWall, the best way to incorporate a successful living wall in the home starts with research.

“It’s very important to select a living wall system that will give the plants what they need to be healthy long-term,” Haynes said. “This means giving them enough soil volume to grow a healthy root structure and orienting them so they can grow upright, like they do naturally.”

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