Author: DJ Johnson

DJ Johnson

DJ is a content producer for The Fill. He frequently covers home improvement and DIY topics. He also enjoys writing community features. DJ has a degree in media production and has held his current position since June of 2015. Outside of his career, he likes to golf and mimic Photoshop tutorials.

SEEDS NC Dumpster Donation

For over 20 years, South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces, or SEEDS, has taught children throughout Durham, North Carolina how to lead and...

How to Reduce Waste at Home

October 19, 20171

How to Reduce Waste at Home

Want to learn how to reduce waste at home? Our garbage-saving tips will make your home and lifestyle greener and maybe even save...

Project Ideas with Leftover Paint

September 26, 20170

5 DIY Leftover Paint Projects

So you’ve just finished painting your bedroom, bathroom, deck or one of the many other areas of your home. And now you’re wondering...

Mid-Atlantic Data Portal

The ocean is busier than it’s ever been. Between human use, environmental efforts and coastal development, competing demands are at an all-time high,...

How to Redo a Flower Bed

September 7, 20171

How to Redo a Flower Bed

It’s a beautiful day with NACITS, your flower bed needs some TLC and you’re ready to DIY. Translation: It’s a beautiful day with...

Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Everyone wants to sell their home as fast as possible. Yet many homeowners get stuck in a long and painstaking process that ends...